12 Stages Of Your Family Road Trip
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12 Stages Of Your Family Road Trip

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12 Stages Of Your Family Road Trip
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Vacations are looked at as a blessing. You get to get away from work, school, or just your regular boring routine. If you're in the same boat as me, many of these vacations are with your family. While you only see the filtered beach post or artsy picture of some dinner on Instagram, the not-so-perfect parts are usually just discussed within your family. The least glorious part of any trip is the long car ride to your destination. Films such as National Lampoon's Vacation exaggerates these moments of trouble, but that doesn't dismiss there are moments where you want to rip your hair out due to the long hours or siblings who continue to annoy you. To further describe these too long car rides to you, here are the 12 stages of a family road trip.

1. Optimism

You're excited for your vacation! You've been counting down the days and you can't wait to soak up the sun, or go sight seeing, or do whatever it is you have planned.

2. Hunger

So, maybe you should've packed another snack or two, but you're fine! You're totally fine. Only, what, ten more hours until you get there?

3. Boredom

This highway seems to stretch forever. Didn't you already pass that hotel, too? The trees go on for miles. This is getting old quick.

4. Sleep (Part 1)

Eyelids...feeling...heavy...might as well take a nap with nothing else to do.

5. Cramped

Alright, there's no space. Sitting behind the driver who has his seat backed up to your knees has gotten old very quickly. Maybe adjusting will do something...nope, no relief in sight.

6. Annoyance

Okay, Brother 1 needs to stop kicking your seat and Brother 2 needs to quit asking "are we there yet?" Everything is getting on your nerves, and there's still about five hours or more left in your trip.

7. Food

Finally! A break, some food, and a chance to stretch your legs. The fresh air feels nice and now

8. Boredom (Again)

Same road! Same trees! When will it all end?!

9. Bathroom Breaks

It seems like you've stopped too many times now, and your destination is nowhere in sight.

10. Sleep (Part 2)

Seeing the same thing, over, and over, and over again, it really makes someone tired.

11. Insanity

No more! This car is a prison! Everyone and everything is setting you off! There's no escape!

12. Relief

Finally! You made it! It took hours upon hours, but you're out of the car! You won't have to worry about another long ride again...well, until you go home.

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