Ever spoken to a Marylander? With their drawn-out vowels, and East Coast slang, our accents sure are unique!

1. Ballmore/Bmore

A term used by Marylanders that refers to Baltimore City. The accent drops the "T," and is a giveaway on whether a person is a true Marylander.

"Me and my friends are going to Ballmore today to watch the Ravens game, and then afterwards go to Pratt Street Ale House."

2. Hon

An endearing term generally associated with Baltimore City itself.

"Hon, you need to break up with your boyfriend, he's a Steelers fan."

3. Wooder

A more drawn out version of the word "water."

"Could you please go get me some wooder from the sink."

4. O's

The MLB team, the Orioles, make their home in Baltimore. It's rare to hear someone from Baltimore say the full name.

"The O's are on a loosing streak again!"

5. Bohs

This is slang for National Bohemian Beer (or "Natty Bohs"), which was originally brewed in Baltimore.

You can hear in the distance drunk 20-year-olds screaming...
"Bohs, O's, and Hoes."
Filling their parents' hearts with disappointment

6. Down De Oshin

Meaning, go to the ocean. This usually is in reference to Ocean City, Maryland.

"We are going down de oshin for the week, and we are going to get some Thrashers."

7. Oh ard

Generally meaning, "oh, okay." However, it depends on the context.

"Yeah dude, I heard she actually has a thing for Jack"
"Oh, ard"

8. Warsh

Meaning to wash, usually referring to clothes.

"Hon, put your laundry in the warsh"

9. Rofo

This stands for the gas station known as Royal Farms, known for its award-winning fried chicken.

"I'm gonna fill up, and get breakfast as RoFo before we go down de oshin"

10.  Crebs

One of Maryland's most beloved foods: the crab, particularly a blue crab.

"I'm going to go all out for the BBQ and get some crebs"

11.  Marelin

How most Marylanders pronouns Maryland. The "D" just goes out the window.

"Hell yeah I'm from Marelin"

12.  Old Bay

A mixture of spices that is a staple in any Maryland household. There are Marylanders who will legitimately put Old Bay on anything.

"Old Bay ice cream... Sure I'll try it!"