Horoscopes are determined by when we were born, but many believe that these horoscopes determine what kind of people we are and the types of decisions that we make. There are some people that believe in them more strongly than others. Are you one of them?

1. Social Media Pages

You either follow or manage social media pages that post pictures or statuses relating to the horoscopes. These posts are, and not limited to, “the signs as…”, “what the signs…”, or “stuff the signs…”, and etc. These posts fill up your wall or feed, and they make your day to see.

Oh my goodness, Stacy, according to this Tumblr post, you would be a tiger because you’re a Sagittarius, and I am a bear because I am a Gemini.

2. Friendships

You know all of your friends’ signs, and you know all of their personality traits because of it. You share the posts that you see on social media with your friends with comments, such as “you” or “us”, or maybe even “accurate.”

3. Stupidity

When you talk to others about their birthdays or their star signs, you get extremely offended when they are mistaken to their sign or even your own.

Seriously, lady, my birthday is in the middle of the Cancer stretch. Your baby and I are definitely not “lucky Leos.”

4. Newspaper Horoscopes

You read the horoscopes in the newspaper and take what they say to heart. Everything that happens to you that day reminds you of what that little article said.

It says Virgo has a chance for love, and I am a happy single, so I am gonna stay home tonight and not go out to the bar.

5. Relationships

You dictate your romantic life with horoscopes. You make 100 percent sure that whoever you are dating or talking to is compatible with your own sign, of which you obviously know everything there is to know.

I don’t think we’re going to work out, even though we’ve only had one date. He’s a Cancer. I’m a Sagittarius.

6. Apps

You have possibly every horoscope app there is. You know which ones are the best and which ones can be trusted. That does not mean you do not keep the worse apps so you can prove them wrong.

7. Celebrities

All of your favorite celebrities have the same sign as you, or they are your favorite because they have the same sign as you. You also get frustrated when your favorite celebrity misrepresents your sign.

Leo not getting an Oscar is a disappointment to all Scorpios.

8. Ignorance

You get extremely offended when other people do not know their own zodiac sign or do not even know the order of the signs. Any information about signs… you know it.

Oh, hey, you know that zodiac stuff. If I was born on December 12th, does that make me a Libra? I was told I could be a Libra.

9. Assumptions

You can tell people’s horoscopes just by being around them and experiencing their personality. You don’t need to know their birthday to know their sign.

Mark’s birthday is April 2nd. I knew he was an Aries.

10. Behavior

You blame whatever emotion you are feeling or whatever actions you have done on your zodiac sign. It’s your justification if your friends start looking at you weird.

I’m sorry that I’m crying. I’m a cancer, and I can’t help that Tigger realized that his family were his friends all along.

11. The Number 12

The number twelve is almost like a trigger to you. If you are given twelve options, then you automatically assign each option with a different sign.

12. The 12 Signs

You saw this post, and you knew you had to read it. You especially saw the number twelve next to the word “signs”, and your attention was immediately grabbed.