12 Reasons You Have Fall Fever
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12 Reasons You Have Fall Fever

It's finally here.

12 Reasons You Have Fall Fever
Nadia Clark

The time has come. Sadly Summer is over, but now it is finally fall. The best season of the year. Time to get the sweaters, boots and jeans out of storage. My favorite part about fall is being with my friends and family. All gathering up by a camp fire, taking pictures, and sharing those memories with one another. It really is the best time of the year. Everyone is happy to be where they are. That is the best season.

1. Leaves

Colors of Orange, Red, and Yellow blowing through the air. Bringing happiness to people's eyes is what the leaves really do. Gently falling to the ground, as people walk by stepping on them as they make that crunching sound that everyone loves to hear. Children playing with their mom and dads. Pilling up the leaves into a mountain and running into them making the leaves fly everywhere. Having to start over to begin the fun again.

2. The Smell

Taking that first step outside, with a deep breath in, taking in all of those fall smells. Knowing fall has finally come around the corner. The smell of burning fire, pumpkin patches, the crumbled up leaves that have fallen off the trees and a big cup of coffee.

3. Never too cold. Never too hot. Just right.

Just right weather. No complaints on having it being too hot or too cold. The right temperature to wear shorts or sweat pants. Or my personal favorite, long sleeves with shorts. Not to mention, Fall is the perfect excuse to break out the riding boots and scarves for the perfect outfit.

4. Pictures

Friends, couples, families, and pets all outside taking wonderful pictures. Or at least trying to take the perfect picture and hoping at least one turns out for the best. Knowing that even though you took pictures you made the memory with the people you were with. And hopefully looked super cute while you did it.

5. Sweater Weather

All I can say to this is that I can relate!!

6. Haunted Houses

OHHH BOY! I love being scared. I don’t know why but it brings so many chills to my body! Being able to go with a group of friends, saying “Oh we’re not going to be scared.” or “I bet you’ll run out of the house before we even start.” Clinging onto each other for dear life. And once we have that scary clown jump at your face you scream and laugh because you can not control it. After everything is over, you think you are such a bad ass for making it through the whole thing! Those spirits ain't got nothin on us!

7. Camping

Friends and Families together enjoying a cool evening by the fire. Looking up at the stars, trying to count as many stars as you can see. Roasting marshmallows until there aren’t anymore. Sitting around the fire, trying to keep warm. Singing the old camp fire songs, everyone knows in the books and of course the scary stories that keep everyone up hearing the wolves hollowing at night, and the squirrels running around burrowing their nuts for the winter.

8. Decorations

And finally the decorations are out. Time to make your house or dorm room as perfect as can be. Especially with halloween around the corner. Its the big moment to bring out the spiders, ghost, cob webs, and the black and orange lights.

9. Apple Cider

What is best? Having the Apple Cider hot or cold. My favorite is hot Apple Cider. The smell of that steamy cider around the room. Taking that soft sip so you don't burn your tongue, but that warm feeling going down your throat and finally reaching to your stomach.

10. Pumpkin Carving

The great competition, who has the biggest, roundest, ripest pumpkin yet. Not even that. But who has the best carving. The struggle carrying that pumpkin you are bringing home to your family, having to take out all that gunk, which completely grosses you out, but deep down, enjoying the slimy feeling between your fingers. After that hard work of cleaning out the beautiful pumpkin, it is time to carve your best yet design. Skeleton, witch, cat, haunted house or just the simple pumpkin face. Which one is it? It has to be the best. But deep down you know you had the best time even though your hands are tired. But it hasn't finished. The seeds are the best part. Putting them on a pan, baking them until they are ready to be eaten. Finally having the crunchy taste of the seeds after that hard day of carving your perfect pumpkin. It has finally payed off.

11. Football

It's that time of the year. Football. School colors come out. The NFL colors are out in the forms of t-shirts and face paint while the fans all come out to tailgate and cheer on their favorite team. Families and friends in one room, on the couch, floor, kitchen, or even standing up all surrounding the flat screen tv. With beer in their hands, stuffing there face with snacks. There is no quiet. The bleachers filled with teenagers, adults and even kids, cheering on their boys to make that touch down. Cozying up in a blanket and hot cocoa in their hands because the weather is always changing.

12. The Perfect Excuse for Snuggling

Fall is the perfect weather to be outside, enjoying the last moments before the cold winter hits. But it's also the best weather to snuggle up into your covers to take those long naps, to binge watch your episodes on Netflix and to have that time to relax. To be able to snuggle up with your boy friend/girl friend. And if you don't have that, to snuggle up with your best friends and of course your pets.

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