12 Jolly Things to do Before Christmas Day

12 Jolly Things to do Before Christmas Day

It will be over before you know it!

As Thanksgiving comes to a close, if your mind is not already on the Christmas season, chances are it is now... The month of December really is the "most wonderful time of the year," but it will be over before you know it. Here are a few "jolly" things to do to get yourself in that holiday spirit before Christmas Day arrives.

1. Have a Holiday Movie Marathon

Nothing beats staying in with friends or family and having a movie marathon filled with your favorite holiday movies. Be sure to catch up on the classics like "A Charlie Brown Christmas," Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer," "Santa Clause is Coming to Town," and many more!

2. Make a Ginder Bread House... or Village

Grab a couple friends and take a trip to your local grocery or convenient store to pick up a gingerbread house, or two.. or three. Also, our wonderful world or gingerbread technology has blessed us not only with houses but also gingerbread cars and even villages! You can even make a friendly competition out of it and see who has the best gingerbread making talent!

3. Visit a Holiday Light Display

Who doesn't love walking around a holiday light display on a chilly night with hot cocoa in hand? Many neighborhoods put on displays for the public, but there are also specific organizations and churches that put on beautiful displays for people of all ages to enjoy!

4. Go "Black Friday" Shopping

The most anticipated shopping day of the year has finally come. So, fill up on Thanksgiving turkey, pour yourself a large cup of coffee, and be prepared to charge through large groups of people of ages, shapes, and sizes, just to get that electric drill that's on sale for dad!! And please for your own safety, stay away from Victoria's Secret if you want to be alive for Christmas.

5. Cut Down a Christmas Tree

Holiday traditions come and go but cutting down a tree should stay on the list forever. Cutting down a tree with the family is one of my personal favorite holiday traditions. Not to mention the hayrides to different portions of the farms and the hot cider and candy canes that are given out at the end!

6. Decorate the Tree That You Cut Down

After a finding a tree, it is time to light a fire in the fireplace, put on a Christmas movie, and warm up with your family while you decorate this year's pick.

7. Have a Holiday Dance Party

Becuase who doesn't want to sing "Last Christmas" or "All I Want for Christmas is You" on the top of your lungs while dancing on the kitchen table to get them in the Holiday spirit??

8. Go See the Nutcracker Ballet

Even if you are not a big fan of ballet, the Nutcracker will not let you down. It is filled with entertaining music, dancing, and joy that is bound to get you feeling jolly!

9. Go to an Ugly Sweater Party. Or Throw One of Your Own!

Every true Christmas fanatic owns an ugly Christmas sweater. So, get them together and celebrate the season by coming together one ugly sweater at a time! And if you do not have one, have no fear, someone is bound to have a mom who is an elementary school teacher who owns a few.. hundred.

10. Decorate Your Dorm Room

If you're a college student and you aren't hiding Christmas lights from RAs or your door isn't wrapped up like a present or covered in stockings do you even like Christmas??

11. Bake ALL of the Christmas Cookies

Warm that oven up and break out your Santa apron cuz its time to dedicate a night to strictly baking Christmas cookies. Cookies are the perfect gesture to bring to holiday gatherings, that is if you are good at baking..

12. Donate to a Local Charity

Nothing puts you in the holiday spirit more than doing good deeds. Whether it be donating your service to a local food pantry, or donating toys to those who cannot afford to buy gifts, a little gesture goes such a long way, especially this time of year. Plus, you feel a sense of warmth in your heart once you have done something nice for someone.

The Holidays are a time for spending time with your loved ones and getting into the spirit before it is over in a flash. So, check each of these things off of your list before its too late!

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