The holidays are a time to get creative with the food, drinks and desserts that we prepare for get-togethers and celebrations. If you have a culinary bone in your body (can’t relate), you are probably used to your friends asking you for recommendations on what new plate to dish out.

Holiday drinks are important, too. They do not have to be alcoholic either, though there are plenty of options if you are looking for that extra kick.

Woman’s Day created a comprehensive list of “Holiday Mocktails”, and I have used their list to determine which drink best fits each zodiac sign.

1. Crimson Christmas Punch – Aries

Daring to explore new places is right up your alley, and that includes any festive drink. You are often viewed as impulsive, which you would have to be to try a drink with three different juices.

2. Sparkling Spritzer – Taurus

You love the finer things in life and whether you believe it or not, you are sophisticated. People consider you to be predictable, but you possess a mental agility that can catch people off guard.

3. Apple Cider Fake-tini – Gemini

You love meeting new people and are full of surprises. People accuse you of being shallow, but you just enjoy living life to the fullest and like a “cinnamon sugar rim”, you add sweetness to life.

4. Cherry-Lime Rickey – Cancer

Change comes naturally to you and you go-with-the-flow. However, your emotions range from passive to intense, and surrounding yourself with friends can be a solution to any agitation.

5. Blood-Orange Italian Soda – Leo

People read you as a humanitarian and as someone who protects and serves, which is true. Nonetheless, you have a wicked bite, and given that you are ruled by the sun, you can burn.

6. Candy Crush – Virgo

At your origin, you are innocent and child-like, not unlike the drink that can feature gummy bears. However, you are also intuitive and are capable of reading people’s intentions.

7. Candy Cane Sparkler – Libra

You are charming, sensitive and artistic, which is the perfect representation of the drink. You like things to be just right and pay attention to the details, which is perfect for designing any delicacy.

8. Cranberry Fizz – Scorpio

People cannot cross you without being stung in retaliation. You are like the added lemon or lime that warns people not to get on your bad side because you will confront them and be victorious.

9. Iced Mint Protein Mocha – Sagittarius

You do not stay in one place for an extended period of time, and you are always looking to do something new and exciting. You think big, and you need that extra kick of energy to do it.

10. Grinch Punch – Capricorn

You are larger than life and potentially intimidating, so the festive drink is perfect for you. You also possess the qualities a planner, which is necessary when creating a sweet concoction.

11. Shirley Temple – Aquarius

You are a dreamer and loyal to those around you. Like a Shirley Temple, you are a staple, but people will sometimes treat you badly and it will take time to recover from that injustice.

12. Cranberry-Apple Cider Punch – Pisces

Much like the drink, you are perceived as delicate and sensitive. Even so, you are strong enough to try and make the world a better place, even if it’s just one sip at a time.