12 Fictional Schools You Would Rather Be At Right Now
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12 Fictional Schools You Would Rather Be At Right Now

@Hogwarts... where's my letter?

12 Fictional Schools You Would Rather Be At Right Now

As the school year begins to wind down, it is becoming more and more difficult to find motivation to do homework. I told myself I was going to do work today and I ended up just sitting outside for three hours and getting a sunburn. During class, I often find myself daydreaming about other places I could possibly be instead of sitting at a desk learning about binary systems. I imagine that I go to another school where assignments are more fun or, ideally, nonexistent. Fortunately, there are schools that meet these requirements. Unfortunately, they are fictional. So that's sad. Nevertheless, the next time you want to daydream about these fictitious and wonderful places, here's a comprehensive list, so you can just proceed to imagine that you go there.

1. East High School -- "High School Musical"

Look at this. Look at them throwing their papers in the air. They clearly don't care about assignments or organization and, frankly, neither should you. Not to mention the fact that there would be very little time for actual classes or homework or anything because of all of the rehearsals for dance numbers. You and I both know that isn't spontaneous. They rehearse it all ahead of time. They must.

2. Pacific Coast Academy -- "Zoey 101"

When this show was on TV I wanted to go to PCA so badly. So badly you guys. I just wanted to drink Blix with Jamie Lynn Spears and ride around on a Jet-X and live two seconds from the ocean. I still want to. This is definitely still something I want.

3. Walkerville Elementary School -- "The Magic School Bus"

Get on, sit down, buckle up, and prepare to get learnedbecause Miss F. is not effing around. Are you a nontraditional student struggling to learn about space? Miss Frizzle will drive you to the literal sun. Trying to learn about diseases and blood cells? Miss Frizzle will drive you into an actual human body.

4. Monsters University -- "Monsters University"

You could sit on the beautifully manicured quad with a lunch of legitimate trash and open up your textbook and read about how to terrify people. #Goals? Also they have a super strong Greek community. #PledgeOozmaKappa

5. Barden University -- "Pitch Perfect"

I'm a terrible singer but I feel like I could just stand in the back and perform sub-par beatboxing in the background of all of their songs. Also, some sub-par dancing would be involved. Obviously.

6. Horace Green Prep School -- "School of Rock"

Picture having Mr. Shneebly as a teacher. Who needs math? No one Science? Forget about it. Latin? As if. Even if you aren't musically talented, you could just be a backup dancer and sway in the background. Or you could be a groupie. Like you would literally just go to class and sit there and obsess over the band. Why isn't that a thing.

7. Constance Billard School for Girls/St. Jude's School for Boys -- "Gossip Girl"

8. Degrassi Community School -- "Degrassi"

The drama.So much drama. I honestly don't even think it would be possible to do homework or keep up with work because there would be so much going on. Which is fine with me.

9. Chilton Academy -- "Gilmore Girls"

This school is hella expensive but, honestly, so what? You would get a good education and you would get to wear a uniform and go to school in beautiful Connecticut. Also, Chad Michael Murray will be there so. That's where I need to be.

10. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry -- Harry Potter

You would literally live in a castle and walk around in swishy robes with magic wands and cast spells on stuff. Screw Biology!!! Brew up a potion in your pewter cauldron. Who cares about History when you could peep the future in Divination? Also the food is insane and house elves make your bed and you can fly on broomsticks and play with the giant squid. However, having a bunch of wizards in a confined space is dangerous, so you might die. You might. It's fine. It'll be good.

11. Dillon High School -- "Friday Night Lights"

Even though Dillon is kind of a rundown, sketch town, the football scene is really hype so that would be a lot of fun. Plus, Tim Riggins.

12. Crunchem Hall -- "Matilda"

Because let's be real....you would rather spend the day in the Chokey than spend it studying for all 20 tests you have next week.

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