The 11 Worst Grey's Anatomy Characters
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The 11 Worst Grey's Anatomy Characters

The 11 Worst Grey's Anatomy Characters

The summer before my junior year of high school, I spent it in my pajamas, on the couch watching every episode of Grey’s Anatomy from the beginning. Since then, I’ve pretty much been a loyal fan, which has only been made worse by all the seasons being on Netflix. Fans have seen a lot of characters come and go, many of my personal favorites being the ones to go. (Thanks Shonda!) So I’ve decided to look back at all the main characters and compose a list of the 11 I’ve hated the most.

11. Izzie Stevens

From using her cancer as an excuse to get what she wanted, to encouraging George to destroy his marriage, to being too emotionally involved with her patients and pushy, to not be willing to be a teacher in a teaching hospital. The only good thing to come from her character was the smooth talking, handsome, tugs on your heart strings Denny, who’s death was easily one of the saddest. Needless to say, Dr. Model has not been missed since her departure.

10. April Kepner

She instantly got on my nerves when Seattle Grace merged with Mercy West and she showed up. Her annoyingly perky personality and inability to shut the hell up rubbed some the wrong way, so it was a relief when she was fired for the incident in the ER. As time has gone on, her personality has tamed down and she’s become easier to like. But the persistent blaming of Jackson for breaking her promise to God, to her standing Matthew up at the alter, to ultimately filing a restraining order against Jackson and all their relationship woes. Here’s hoping the additional seasons helps to realign her personality and priorities.

9. Shane Ross

Shane has got to be one of the whiniest characters on the show. I don’t know what’s going on with him, but his depressive personality and fawning over inappropriate people (Stephanie, Cristina) is pathetic. His desperate attempt to be Derek Shepherd 2.0 was just plain embarrassing to watch, only to throw Derek and neuro to the curb when he decides he’s in love with Cristina and cardio. As sad as it was to see Cristina leave for Switzerland, I’m thankful that she took Shane with!

8. Charles Percy

The batch of Mercy Wester’s that the show focused on where overall pretty sucky. What kind of guy shows up to his new job site thinking he’s king of the world by manipulating others and referring to them as his surgical bitch, a la Izzie. He wasn’t on the show for very long, thank god, but his ogre like personality and demeanor hasn’t been missed. I hope Reed’s rejecting him in heaven.

7. Teddy Altman

Like Izzie, the only positive thing that came from Teddy’s time on the show was the good looking, hilarious and tragic untimely death of Henry Burton. Her pathetic fawning over Owen, despite the fact that he was with Cristina was embarrassing. Not to mention the fact that she took out her frustrations on Cristina by not being the teacher she deserved and acting like the Owen whisperer. Her constant personality shifts from annoyingly perky and happy, to depressing and mean was exhausting. Just when I thought I couldn’t love Owen anymore, he fired her, effectively handing her a one way ticket departing from Shondaland.

6. Penny Blake

She. Killed. Derek. Then had the balls to show up at Meredith’s house, stay at the party, and even come work at the hospital Meredith owned. God bless Meredith, because I don’t know how she reacted so nicely to Penny showing up, I know I couldn’t have done it! Here’s hoping that with Callie not returning for Season 13, Penny won’t be either.

5. Reed Adamson

Yet another example of the piss poor Mercy West doctors. Granted she wasn’t on the show for very long, and maybe if she’d stuck around, she could’ve become more likable the way April did. “I’m not a tour guide, I’m a surgeon.” Bitchier, abrasive last words have never been spoken, summing up her unlikable personality in her final moments. Plus she rudely took George’s cubby which served as a monument after he passed. What a bitch.

4. Leah Murphy

Oh. My. God. Clingy much? Her pathetic clinging and obsessing over what was supposed to be one night stands with Alex and Arizona was pathetic. Then getting all depressed after when they didn’t want relationships was embarrassing. Also, making a big deal about her hookup with Arizona, despite the fact that no one gave a damn or even asked about her “secret hookup that’s turning into love.” Or how about filing the sexual harassment claim because she got her pathetic little heart broken? If she keeps this up, she’s going to spend the rest of her life single. It was very exciting to see her fired for not being a good doctor, and easily one of the most upsetting/angry moments when she came back, just as annoying as ever.

3. Heather Brooks

It was hard for me to decide who’s worse, Leah or Heather. Frankly, this class of interns sucked. The gossiping, the childish personality, the inappropriate sounds and comments, Derek called her weird on multiple occasions, and frankly, he was just being nice. Needless to say, if my surgeon was making Pac-Man noises while working on me, that’s not a person who’ll ever touch me again and I would be filing complaints to all her superiors. Clearly that marble in her nose traveled to her head and gave her brain damage. She was so damn annoying, and she hasn’t been missed for even a millisecond.

2. Erica Hahn

Poor Cristina, she just had a hell of a time finding a cardio teacher that was useful, likable and actually stuck around. Erica just didn’t fit the vibe of the hospital, her personality, her mannerisms, all of it was just very fake and scripted. She was aggressive in her personality and her teaching style, she just didn’t fit. Plus her bringing up the Denny issue all over again and overreacting, despite the fact that it had already been handled and everyone moved past it. She was so bitter and horrible that she was willing to ruin the hospitals reputation over it. So long Erica, here’s hoping you don’t pop up again anytime soon.

And number 1…Preston Burke

I mean, it’s pretty much the general consensus that he’s the most hated character on the show. I could go on and on and on about reasons why he’s horrible and why his reappearance in season 10 was not warmly welcomed. Like how about when he won a Harper Avery, for work that Cristina secretly helped him with when his hand was tremoring, and not even bothering to mention her? Ass. Or proposing to her, planning a wedding with the hopes that he could change her to fit the mold he had for his perfect wife, only to stand her up right before she walked down the aisle. While it’s probably a good thing for Cristina’s sake that he left before marrying her and trying to change a strong woman, his actions and vibe where just overall douchey.

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