11 Ways To Beat Those Winter Blues
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11 Ways To Beat Those Winter Blues

While the cold is a downfall of winter, I believe another reason people hate winter so much is that it gets dark so quickly.

11 Ways To Beat Those Winter Blues

A few days ago, I was sitting working on my Organic Chemistry lab report with my partners, when I glanced out the window and noticed it was getting pretty dark. I looked at the time, and it was only 4:45! I was very surprised, to say the least. But it got me thinking...winter is one of the best seasons, if you can stand the cold of course. And while the cold is a downfall of winter, I believe another reason people hate winter so much is that it gets dark so quickly. And while us students have maybe only a month left, the darkness makes it hard to get any work done. So here are some ways to combat those "winter blues" and get through finals week...and onto Christmas!

1. Figure out a way to keep yourself warm, even after you are out of the covers.

One way could be either sleeping in extra or heavy clothes or keep a hoodie and an extra pair of sweatpants by your bed. So as soon as you are ready to get up, throw those on, and it'll be like you never left your covers.

2. Make your bed.

Look, I'm totally guilty of not following this advice, but in my head, it makes a lot of sense if you do. Not only does it make the room look nice, it'll also make it less convincing to crawl back into instead of going to your 8 am.

3. Get a diffuser or wax melt and find some favorite scents.

This will not only make your room smell really good (our room always smells like a candle shop to everyone who walks in, because I always have my wax melt running!) but it'll also make it feel cozier.

4. Take care of your skin.

Winter is known for giving people, much like myself, very dry skin. My hands are usually the worse, but my face suffers too. A way to combat this is to always be putting lotion on. It'll not only moisturize, but it'll feel great too.

5. Pamper yourself.

This also can double as #4! Taking one night (or day) a week, like a Friday, to take the time to get a nice warm shower (but not too warm as that dries your skin out more!) with some nice smelling body wash, maybe put on a face mask, anything that you can think of to take some time, recharge, and feel great.

6. Get enough sleep!

This is true for many different situations, but getting enough sleep will help you not be as tired, which the darkness does not help. During winter, I am tired a lot! The cold and dark does not help at all, but if you get enough rest, hopefully, you fight the afternoon crash.

7. And if you are feeling a bit tired, get a cup of your favorite drink.

Whether hot or cold (iced coffee all year round!), not only will the caffeine help wake you up, but it's nice to indulge and get something delicious.

8. Eat comfort food.

Obviously not too much, but some soup on a cold day after being outside all day is the best pick me up ever.

9. You have probably heard it over and over again- but get exercise.

Exercise is proven to lift your mood, so get to the gym!

10. Clean!

I know it is an annoying task, but having dirt, clothes, and dust everywhere does not do you any good. Dust is bad for your lungs, and if you have the windows closed all season, your just breathing it all in. Plus, a clean room not only looks nice, but it feels nice too.

11. And lastly, create a comfy space.

Whether it's your bed, desk, or both, creating a space that is free of clutter and makes you feel at home and relaxed will do wonders for your mood!

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