11 Things IU Students Are Known To Whine About (With Good Reason)
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11 Things IU Students Are Known To Whine About (With Good Reason)

Would you like some cheese with that whine?

11 Things IU Students Are Known To Whine About (With Good Reason)
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1. Being Hungry

This is on the top of the list because it is the most popular. The meal plan is helpful, but also rough. Most students are probably on the standard meal plan, which means you can only get about 1-2 meals a day unless you go grocery shopping. Students who want more nutritious options are forced to eat mediocre excuses of fruit and vegetables. Furthermore, you have limited options on what you can eat so you either eat nothing because you’re sick of the dining hall food or by something on cash. Which brings me to my next point…

2. Money

College is expensive in every possible way. It’s not just the books and classes, but your social life as well. Don’t you just hate it when you want to go out with your friends, but also can’t afford to or you’ll starve? I also have to note that it is quite frustrating to see parts of the campus with damage considering how much your tuition is. Does my insane tuition not cover the broken sidewalks and broken furniture? Oh, of course not, it has to cover 3 or more tv and movie streaming services giving me more reason to procrastinate and fail.

3. Boredom

Believe it or not, some people actually get bored on campus. Personally, I think boredom is a mentality really. Indiana University has so much to do on campus, always. This just goes back to tuition. Our student fees pay for us to have cool activities to do on campus. There’s always a cool event, sports game, or party going on. Furthermore, there is nothing wrong with hanging with your friends, getting some snacks and binge watching a movie or two.

4. Instructors/Professors

Let's face it: our instructors and professors can suck at times or be the best person in the world. Nothing ticks a college student off more than an instructor stuck in some time before the digital age. We all have had that one teacher who does not have a tolerance for cell phones, laptops, or just Canvas in general. Even more agitating, is the instructor that takes a million years to post their grades. Hello? College takes a strategic amount of skills, including determining how well you must do on an assignment to past. How can you judge this, if you have no graded assignments to judge?

5. Grades

This is pretty self-explanatory. Every student knows the price of classes are out of this world and there is nothing more frightening than failing a GenEd course. The amount of time and effort put in to just obtain a “C” in a course might just be the death of you

6. DUO Login

If you have not read my article on DUO Login, what are you doing with your life? My bad, you’re probably trying to keep a C in Finite. Anyways, it has been established that DUO is the worst and with good reason. Considering you have to be logged into One.IU to do virtually anything, it should not take me having to authenticate the login with my phone to check something that would take seconds. For example, the number of meal points you have.

7. The Wifi Connection

Again, what the heck IU. I am seeing a common theme here. Here’s an idea, let’s charge eager learning students a ridiculous amount of money to have a chance at a financially stable life and then screw with their wifi. How are we supposed to get our “online assignments” done if we don’t have an “online” to use. Excuse me? There are also residents who are out of state and use technology to keep in contact with their family who cannot visit as easily.

8. The Weather... Rain or Snow

It literally makes you not want to leave your apartment or dorm room. What type of cruel place rains so much that you have to be fully equipped for every weather condition in your backpack? Bloomington. Bloomington is the place you are looking for.

9. Lack of Sleep/Early Morning Classes

It is almost like an ongoing, terrible joke when discussing sleep in college. It is no secret that no one gets enough of it unless you’re on break or it is a weekend. You are especially not getting sleep if you have 8ams every morning. Early morning classes means lots of late nights you will regret the next morning.

10. Workload

Need I say more?

11. Weight Gain/Loss

If failing a GenEd is the most frightening, gaining weight comes in a close second. College campuses offer a limited amount of healthy options. In addition, even if you wanted to eat healthy, the options are crazy expensive that you’re better off eating the junk. Therefore, you will at some point hear a student complain about needing to eat healthier or hit the gym without taking any action to.

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