11 Things Your Vegan Friend Wants For Christmas
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11 Things Your Vegan Friend Wants For Christmas

You mastered a Thanksgiving dish they could eat- now it's time for Christmas shopping.

11 Things Your Vegan Friend Wants For Christmas
Lexi Hammond

It's the holiday season, and you're definitely feeling it--you've bought Christmas presents for practically everyone you know, including your barista. Everybody is crossed off your list except one: The vegan friend.

When you try to think of things that remind you of them, you only come up with an avocado and a cow.

Can you buy a cow?

hese gifts are perfect for vegans and animal-lovers alike.

1. Cruelty-free Bath Bombs

Who doesn't love an aesthetically-pleasing bath that smells good and hasn't caused any suffering? For $7.75 you can get a bath bomb from Lush, a company that is passionate about fighting animal testing. All products you get from Lush you can expect to be 100 percent vegetarian and handmade. Ethical buying is also one of their company values.

2. Vegan Hot Chocolate

Nibmor organic has three different flavors of vegan instant hot chocolate packets--traditional, mint and six spice. They are dairy free and made with coconut palm sugar. You can also get a mug from the dollar store for a cheap gift they'll love.

3. A Funny Animal Shirt

When you buy a shirt from Animals Yeah Yeah it doubles as a present to both the animals and your friend who loves them. With every order you place, this company will donate to an animal charity of your choice at no extra cost.

4. A donation to their favorite animal charity/non-profit

This is a great gift idea because it will do what they are trying to do--help animals. There are many different options such as PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), ARF (Animal Rescue Fund), the Humane Society, Mercy for Animals, etc.

5. Symbolically adopt their favorite animal

The World Wide Fund for Nature allows you to symbolically adopt any wildlife animal. When you adopt an animal, the WWF will send you an adoption certificate, a full-color photo, a card with information about the animal, an acknowledgment letter to the recipient and a plush version of the animal.

6. A cookbook

Vegans are always looking for new recipes to try. The selection of vegan cookbooks continues to grow, with 2017 being a year full of new ones. You can find cookbooks for any kind of person, whether they are a college student, a mommy-to-be or just someone who doesn't want to put much effort into cooking.

7. A movie and vegan snacks

Everybody loves a movie night at home, especially in the cold weather. A copy of the movie "Blackfish" and some accidentally vegan snacks like Oreos and Sour Patch Kids is a simple gift idea your animal rights activist friend will love.

8. Something for their companion animal

Vegans love their animals. When you have a bunch of fur children running around, you can never have enough toys and treats. Not only will your friend's animals love it, but your friend will be happy her animals will play with something other than her shoes.

9. Cruelty-free cosmetic products

NYX and Hard Candy are both good quality drugstore makeup brands that don't test on animals. Both companies sell inexpensive lip gloss, mascara, eyeshadows, etc.

10. Bath & Body Works

Bath & Body Works typically has sales where you get better deals based on the quantity that you buy. Many people take advantage of this while Christmas shopping. If you're going on a B&BW run for some of the people on your Christmas list, go ahead and include your vegan friend. Bath & Body Works is not tested on animals and is 100 percent vegan-friendly.

11. A PETA Catalog Gift Card

The PETA Catalog is filled with gifts for vegans--including beanies, shirts and sweatshirts, books and literature, accessories, DVDs, home supplies, etc. You can look through the catalog and find something you think they would like or you can get them a gift card.

This holiday season, get your vegan friend a gift that is animal-friendly.

They'll love you for it even though they love you already.

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