11 Things College Students Are Thankful For

11 Things College Students Are Thankful For

Thanksgiving Series: Part Three

Congrats, you've opened the third article of my Thanksgiving mini-series. If you missed the first one click here and if you want to catch the second, click here! Now, without further adieu, here are 11 things college students (including myself) are thankful for!

1. Coffee

It wakes us up in the morning, it keeps us up at night... when we need to do homework.

2. Google

Without Google, would any of us be able to write a research paper, really?

3. Netflix

'Cause who needs sleep?

4. Extended Deadlines

S/O to every professor who extends deadlines. Procrastination is real!

5. Pasta

So cheap, so easy to make, so full of carby goodness!

6. Water bottles

Bonus points if you have stickers all over it.

7. Leggings/Joggers

Comfort and coolness - all in one.

8. Dry Shampoo

Because college schedules are too busy for showers.

9. Music

That's a real video of my friends and I, by the way.

10. Friday Nights

Going out with friends at 10 pm bc again, who needs sleep?

11. Naps

Because we can act like we don't need rest, but you can catch us taking naps at least every Sunday afternoon.


Are you thankful for these things? Did I miss something? Let me know in the comments below! Don't forget to check back in for my final Thanksgiving article :)

Cover Image Credit: Priscilla Du Preez

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