11 Things About Me
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11 Things About Me

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11 Things About Me
  • I was born in Portland, lived in San Diego, and now live in Phoenix (at least for now).

I am truly a West Coast baby. I was born in Portland, Oregon and most of my family is in Oregon. My parents and I moved to San Diego and I was raised in the world of Pop Warner Cheer. We also had season passes to every theme park, so my weekends were the bomb. When California got crazy expensive (even more expensive, I mean), we moved to northern Arizona then I stayed there for college before moving out of the country. When I come home, I plan on relocating to either Southern California or Nashville.

  • I grew up doing musical theater for about ten years and dedicated my life to commercial acting, dancing, and training my voice.

My family is a big theater family. I thought I was going to spend my life doing theater after getting into it when we moved to Arizona. I planned on going to New York after high school, but God had a different plan for me around my junior year of high school. I have been in over 35 theatre productions, a few commercials, a voice over PSA on the radio, a short film, and probably different random stuff I don't remember. Oh yeah, I was super cool in middle school for sure.

  • I was baptized my junior year of high school with my family at the same time.

I grew up in a God believing household, but we weren't true followers until high school (I believe at least). My testimony could take hours to share, so I'm going to get to the point that my family dedicated their lives to a relationship with Christ all together and there is nothing more special than that. I will treasure that moment forever.

  • I was a Disney princess at children's parties for awhile as a job in college.

If you know me, you would laugh at this because this is so something I would do. Which little girl didn't want to grow up and be a Disney Princess? I might not have made it to Disneyland itself (stupid height regulations) but I got to make kid's dreams come true in Arizona as Belle, Elena, and Ariel.

  • I have my own pup named Winston who I got off Craigslist.

My dog is my person. My literal child. I found him on Craigslist and he was supposed to be a Morkie. I paid little to nothing for him and picked him up at a random apartment downtown. Even though we got his DNA tested and he is far from a Morkie, he has an underbite, and he is not the brightest, I still love him more than life. My parents don't want to give him back to me when I come back to America so I guess ill have to help them find their own Winston.

  • I am the fastest Netflix/any tv provider show watcher to ever exist and I watch everything!

Im the go-to person to call when you need any information regarding pop-culture. I don't know why I know as much as I do or why I care but it has become my brand now. I watch a lot of tv but I don't sit on my booty for hours at a time, I tend to just turn it on and do other things throughout my day. I love watching TV because I have a strange appreciation for the actors and the stories written. You know how people fell about reading books well I feel that way about Netflix.

  • Ive been to more countries than actually visiting states.

I am not counting the states I've briefly passed through but when considering how many states I've actually visited against countries, I am a winner in leaving the country. Its probably because I always visit the same states back at home but when I leave the country, I am always going somewhere new and that is about once a year. I think the World Race is what cut the division because I plan on going to at least 15 countries in one year. Im tired just thinking about it.

  • I competed in the Miss America Organization for three years in college.

These were the best but most challenging years of my life. The amount I have grown as a young woman is extraordinary. I don't mean to come off with a huge ego but I am really proud of everything I did throughout my three years. I get a lot of crap for being a "pageant girl" but that's my favorite name for myself. I practiced hours on hours of interview, my conversations became solely current events based because you need to know just about everything, I worked out everyday and ate healthy, I got back into singing and practiced my talent a crazy amount to become better, and I got to serve my community 3-4 a week while receiving a scholarship for school. Its not all makeup and photoshoots. Its actually the opposite.

  • My dream career is to open my own Marketing Agency and work with organizations/non-profits who cannot afford services and different small businesses.

Before leaving for the world race, I focused on internships and gaining experience in the marketing, branding, and content creation field. I hope to be able to offer some services when I am home and work for another marketing agency to gain more experience. One day, it would be a dream come true to have dedicated clients and to be able to help out non-profits and struggling businesses with their marketing plans and website creation.

  • I co-founded a company called The Rise Company.

I co-founded a company my junior year of college in honor of a girl I knew who was killed by a drunk driver. Karli and her sister Kelsey were such an inspiration to my friend group so we created a line dedicated to funding M.A.D.D. and to encourage people to move mountains and live their best lives. Check it out!

  • I finished the World Race

My last fact is that I did the world race, even though you probably knew that. It would take forever to type up the whole story of how I got there and I want to save that for a future post but ill give the basics. I was on an eleven month mission trip to elven different countries; Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, India, Nepal, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Romania, and Portugal. We basically serve different organizations in anyway they need us each month. It has been so rewarding even though I miss America and im living out of one big bag.

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