If you've ever worked at Culver's, you know there are many struggles you deal with on a daily basis. Whether it be in regards to unique names for ice cream, or slightly more expensive food items (that are totally worth it), you have dealt with it on numerous occasions. Here are a few of those struggles that we all know too well.

1. “Can I get one of your blizzard things?

“I’m sorry, ma’am, we only serve concrete mixers here.” And we don’t serve ice cream either.

2. You literally dread working summer nights because the orders consist of custard, custard, and more custard.

Oh, and some lemon ice, too.

3. “Your total is $12.”

"$12 for one meal?!" Well, probably because you upgraded your value basket to cheese curds and a mixer. But don't worry, it's all well worth the money!

4. Oh, and while we’re on the price issue, hearing complaints about how much it costs.

I never know what to say in these situations.

5. “Let me get some of them cheese ball things.”

I always get a chuckle out of this!

6.“Can I have the Culver’s Deluxe with no mayo, tomato, onions, or lettuce?”

So you just want a cheeseburger with pickles?

7. You hate the winter time because running drive thru orders outside when its -5 degrees is equivalent to death.


8. And you also hate running drive thru orders outside when it's raining.

Basically, you just spend your whole shift drenched in water.

9. You’ve probably had nightmares about getting endless amount of custard orders.

I know I have!

10. Despite all these daily struggles, you love working at Culver's with your co- workers who have become like family.

Thanks to Culver's to being such an awesome job, I am truly blessed!