11 Reasons To Write More, Starting Today
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11 Reasons To Write More, Starting Today

As if we needed more reasons.

11 Reasons To Write More, Starting Today
Hallie Cunningham

Writing is therapeutic, even if it's just your grocery list. We've all grown up being conditioned on how to write, but did we ever really enjoy it? Taking a second to just let words flow through your pen could be more beneficial than you had thought. Now more than ever, writing is mostly put on display via social media.

This is a great way to get your thoughts out or just to update friends on how your life is going. Reading will always remain constant, so why shouldn't writing?

1. Therapy

There's just something about letting your feelings turn into words that heals your soul. When you are frustrated with the world, write it down. Let it out. Nobody has to see it, but expressing how you feel is the best way to overcome those feelings.

2. Reading never goes out of style

If you do take the route where you want people to see what you have written, you are in luck! Reading is one thing that has been constant for the entirety of its existence. People will always have to read, and someone will always have a similar interest as you.

3. Education requires you to

One thing that has been embedded in our brains since elementary school was how to be a good writer. No matter your course of study, colleges will most likely make you take a general studies writing course. Although this is a pain, preparing for this class will ultimately benefit you (and your grades) in the long run.

4. Communication

Love letters! Post cards! Birthday cards! All the cards! Who doesn't love getting mail? Nothing beats getting a hand written letter in the mail. Telling your long-distance best friend all of your crazy stories is much more fun when they create the image in their head. Writing letters builds anticipation between you and the person you sent it to.

5. History

By writing, you are a part of history. Think about it, how do we know what happened at the constitutional convention? or any of the wars? People wrote it down! By being active within your community, you are being active within history.

6. Advertisement

Alongside communication, advertisement is something that impacts us every single day. Whether it be a flyer on a pole or an email, we are constantly fed ads. Writing is how you get your message to people. Writing a persuasive message is what gets people to come to your event, or to join your organization. What you say and how you say it matters.

7. Representation

What you say will always follow you, especially on social media. Social media is just another form of writing, and social media is taken more seriously than ever before. What you say is broadcasted to all of your followers, who then tell their friends and so forth. Writing represents you, and what you write impacts your life. Write what you want, and write about what you want to represent you.

8. Research

Writing helps you learn more than you did before and to form your own research. This can also benefit you in education and college classes. Learning is fun, we were all excited to go to school at some point and this should continue for our lives. Gaining knowledge on new topics helps us to broaden our horizons and to become adaptable to different environments.

9. Influence

Influencing others to share ideas or create their own ideas is popularly shared throughout writing, specifically social media. Social media is an ever-growing platform.

10. Peace of mind

Life can get hectic at times. Writing down what you are grateful for can create a positive attitude and overall help you improve your mood. This gives you peace in an overwhelming situation and provides a beneficial way to deal with stress.

11. Goal setting

We all have goals, long term or short term. Writing your goals and visualizing them will encourage you to achieve these goals and make them a reality. Pinning them up onto your wall will force you to see them every single day and therefore you are reminded of what you want to accomplish.

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