11 Reasons Why Jesse Williams Should Speak At Spelman
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Politics and Activism

11 Reasons Why Jesse Williams Should Speak At Spelman

I mean...why not?

11 Reasons Why Jesse Williams Should Speak At Spelman

Dear Spelman College,

We want Jesse Williams.

OK, that wasn’t very nice.

We want Jesse Williams please.

Jesse Williams is a scholar-activist, former teacher, role model, and how can we forget, Dr. Jackson Avery on the award-winning show straight out of ShondaLand, “Grey’s Anatomy”. Williams was probably one of the most talked about celebrities this summer due to his thought-provoking acceptance speech at the BET Awards for the 2016 Humanitarian Award. BET awarded this honor to Jesse Williams due to his use of his celebrity status to speak out on issues such as the Flint Water Crisis, the seemingly endless wrongful shootings of Black Americans, Ferguson, and so much more. If that isn't enough to convince you already, we've come up with11 reasons why Jesse Williams should visit Spelman College.

Let's get it poppin.

1. Spelman College loves anything pro-Black.

I mean, we are a HBCU.

2. ADW prepped us for the Jesse Williams moment.

Within the required first-year class, African Diaspora & The World, Spelmanites have weekly, scratch that, daily conversations on topics such as identity, race, intersectionality, feminism, social justice movements, and so much more. To be completely honest, Jesse Williams sounded like a well-versed ADW professor throughout his acceptance speech. We had to check our surroundings to make sure we weren't sitting in lecture. Having Jesse Williams visit the college will give students another opportunity for discussion on issues that many people are afraid or simply not accustomed to talking about.

3. Williams has a dedication to social justice work.

Many Spelman College students pursue social justice work in various forms-from organizing protests to creating their own non-profit organizations. Spelman College also has registered student organizations that focus on social justice in some way like the Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance, Afrekete, Planned Parenthood, and the Social Justice Fellows Program. Having Williams speak about his social justice work will give students an additional resource.

4. Williams pointed out the necessity of Black women in the movement.

We’re an all women's college, our efforts are often swept under the rug even by our brother institution.

5. Jesse Williams has a primetime to come during the Arts and Entertainment Summit.

Last year, award-winning writer and producer Mara Brock Akil led the convocation session in which she discussed her career journey in the entertainment industry as a Black woman. It would be interested to have Jesse Williams at this convocation to speak on how his acting and activism correspond. Williams is no stranger to the arts as an actor, but also as a content creator and artist with the development of the multimedia project, "QuestionBridge", which tackles the lives of Black men through video.

6. We'd actually be on time to convocation.

"You must be seated by 10:55". All Spelman College students have seen that line in email reminders about convocation from Dean Baxter. But, students still trickle in at 11:03. If Jesse Williams led the convocation session, we promise that we would be on time and quiet and attentive.

7. He holds himself accountable for his privilege.

I doubt it would seem like another man is lecturing us about the black women experience. We wouldn’t need to roll our eyes.

8. The question and answer section

Although we’re sure that Jesse is brilliant, we believe you learn through challenge. It would be interesting to see the answers Jesse has to our questions. As everyone knows...Spelmanites love asking questions-challenging, well-informed, relevant questions.

9. The Drama Department Deserves

As our school has been extremely STEM based over the past few years, we believe the Drama Department deserves the opportunity to for even a one on one opportunity to speak to Jesse. He could talk about the parallels between the arts and activism.

10. Spelman College has a history of having well-known celebrities and scholars visit the school.

We've had Mara Brock Akil, Nancy Pelosi, Misty Copeland, Ntozake Shange, Angela Davis, and the list goes on.

11. Jesse Williams will get a free Spelman College sweatshirt.

We'll pay if we have to. We promise.

Jesse Williams, if you are reading this, please consider visiting Spelman College. We would love for you to come for the Arts & Entertainment convocation, but we just want you to visit. We will accept a panel discussion. We will accept you teaching an ADW class for a day. We will accept anything. We will work around your schedule because it would be a once in a lifetime opportunity and honor to hear the words of an actor, celebrity, public figure, who uses their platform to speak out on important issues. So, Mr. Williams, pretty please with a cherry on top, visit Spelman College.

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