What’s the biggest thing on Broadway in New York City these days? The hit show "Hamilton," a musical all about one of our founding fathers. The musical style is a fusion between the typical Broadway sound and contemporary hip-hop. So why is there so much hype about "Hamilton"? Here are 11 reasons…

1. The Variety of Music
One of the obvious reasons you go to Broadway is for the music. This show especially has a distinct musical sound. Most of it is rap, but the traditional Broadway ensemble is interspersed all throughout.

2. Lin-Manuel Miranda
He's just your typical threat… except not only can he sing, act, and dance, but he wrote, directed, and stars in the musical.

3. Humor
The humor is subtle; you have to really listen well in order to catch the small jokes within the rap dialogue.

4. The Dancing
One astonishing thing (there are many...) is that the ensemble is constantly dancing in every single scene. One minute, they are break-dancing, but then the next minute, they are dancing in more of a lyrical style.

5. The Set
It’s a single set, meaning that there are no set changes during intermission. It’s amazing to see how creative the designers were with the different prop usage.

6. Broadway Breakout Roles
For a majority of the characters in this show, "Hamilton" is their breakout role. You can only imagine where these stars will go next… so see them now at their “humble” beginning.

7. Pulitzer Award
The show recently won a Pulitzer Prize for the drama category. Can I mention that it’s only been on Broadway since this past August? It hasn’t even been a year…

8. The Crowd
You can feel the excitement in the crowd the minute you walk into the theater. The crowd’s cheers and hollers just add to the show’s hype.

9. History Lesson
Who would’ve thought that a two-and-a-half-hour show about Alexander Hamilton could be so intriguing? I knew very little about Hamilton’s significance in U.S. history. He tends to be overshadowed by Washington, Adams, and Jefferson. But after watching this show, I realized how much of an impact Hamilton has made on the establishment of our country.

10. Grammy Recipient
The show won Best Musical Theater Album in 2016... again, can I mention that it hasn't been on Broadway for a full year?

11. Tony Buzz
Even though the Tonys are still a few weeks away, there is still a lot of speculation that "Hamilton" will succeed in many categories. 16, yes 16, nominations...