11 Problems All First Year College Kids Will Face
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11 Problems All First Year College Kids Will Face

Things you needed to know your freshman year of college.

11 Problems All First Year College Kids Will Face

Everybody has the vibe that all freshmen are stressed and do crazy things during their first year of college — and this is very true. For anyone's first year of college, they'll find either themselves or someone they know doing things that just lead to more problems and stress throughout the year. These are some of those things.

1. Never giving yourself enough time to do important school work.

Now, I understand procrastination runs through a student's veins from the beginning of their life to the end, but the extremity of procrastination lies within first-year college students. Three papers to write by next week? OK, I'll start them the day before they are due.

2. Always putting hanging out with friends before school.

When you're in college, especially if you live on campus, you'll get the chance to hang out with so many people every day when you really know you have work to do. The problem here lies with choosing friends over doing school work. If you hang out with friends every day of the semester, your grade will definitely drop.

3. Not getting enough sleep.

Whether you're staying up partying or staying up cramming for your next exam, every freshman deals with not getting enough sleep on those stressful college nights. This really goes along with freshmen who live on campus because it can get very annoying and loud at night, and hard to sleep.

4. Missing those early morning classes.

This goes along with not getting enough sleep. You end up missing your early classes, and it really becomes a habit.

5. Partying every weekend.

Every freshman gets a taste of the party life while in college, and a lot of freshmen never get out of that life and end up partying every single weekend. Then school work goes down the drain. It's a very bad idea.

6. Running out of food in your dorm.

Food is so important in college. You're already out of money from college, so it's hard to keep a stocked dorm of food.

7. Balancing school and a job.

Speaking from experience, having a job and going to college full-time can really mess up your first year. It takes up a lot of your time and you always feel like you're doing too much. But you don't quit your job because you need it, so you stay an even more stressed out freshman than others.

8. Encountering relationship issues.

College relationships are worse than the relationships in high school. You get even more stressed because - if you live on campus - you're always around the people you have a relationship with. This could easily ruin your relationship as well as it could possibly improve it. Either way, any relationship issues will certainly affect your grades because your mind will be more focused on the relationship.

9. Choosing the wrong classes.

As a freshman, you might not know your major yet or anything close to it, so you may choose classes that are completely wrong for you. Sometimes freshmen take too long to drop out of a class and this leads to them later failing the course because it wasn't the right one for them.

10. Running out of money.

College ain't cheap. Running out of money is a serious freshman issue. It takes a few semesters to get more serious about saving, so your first year of college will be very stressful on your finances.

11. Overthinking everything.

I know this happens to everyone every day, but college freshmen have it worse. Freshmen have three other levels above them that they're always trying to impress, and freshmen always overthink the things they are told they have to do.

Trust me, at least one person you know has done half of these things during their freshman year of college, and I'm sure you did too. There's no escaping the stressful first two semesters of the college you attend, but there's also nothing better than them.

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