11 Inexpensive Things Every Potterhead Needs In Their Life
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11 Inexpensive Things Every Potterhead Needs In Their Life

Bringing a little bit more of the Wizarding World into your life doesn't have to be expensive.

11 Inexpensive Things Every Potterhead Needs In Their Life
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If my other "Harry Potter" related articles haven't tipped you off, I'm a huge fan of the Wizarding World. I dressed up to go to a Barnes and Noble "Cursed Child" release party. Collecting things related to "Harry Potter" has been a thing for me since I was five. So, my credentials established, I invite you to explore this list of things that all Potter fans need in their lives. All of them are relatively inexpensive, we'll save the splurge items for next time.

1. A House Tie

This is an essential part of anyone's wardrobe. House ties can double as real ties if you need them to, but they're also part of the perfect lazy costume. Throw one on with a pair of black pants or a skirt, a white button-down shirt and something to work as a wand and you're good to go. I usually wear mine as part of the full outfit, but you do you.

2. A House Banner

My house banner hangs proudly above my bed when I'm at home, and when I'm at school. It's a basic decoration that shows you're a member of your house with pride and you're unafraid to show it. Ten bonus points to your house if it matches your decor (and yes, mine does).

3. Beanie

So this isn't the best if you live in warmer climates, but in any place you have some degree of coolness in one of your seasons, it can be a practical item to own. And if you need it to keep warm, why not make sure your hat is the coolest around?

4. Socks

Unless you're that one guy I went to high school with who never wears closed toed shoes, you probably need socks sometimes, whether it's to wear with sneakers or to slide around on hardwood floors. Why not secretly be wearing something Potterish if you need to be wearing them anyway?

5. This Awesome Mug

Do I even need to explain why you need this in your life? It's practically magic all on its own.

6. Pens or Pencils

Classes kind of make you take notes and taking them on a computer is far too tempting. If you have your laptop, you could be reading this in class. Since I advise you to read this repeatedly, but not in class, you're going to want something to take notes with on old-fashioned paper. And if you use this particular set, found here, they'll even remind you to practice your spell work. Pencils totally work as wands.

7. Notebooks

Speaking of paper, you'll need some place to take those notes. The universe has given us many styles of notebooks to choose from, including Deathly Hallows inspired notebooks that are similar to Moleskines, and Hogwarts composition books.

8. Cookbook!

You need to eat don't you? Why not fill up on the same treats as our favorite boy wizard? I can attest that the goulash from this book is pretty good. But if you prefer online recipes for sweets, why not try these Golden Snitch cake pops?

9. Wallpapers

Why isn't your desktop already "Harry Potter" themed? This is a free (and awesome) way to bring just a little bit more of the Wizarding World into your life. And if you really want to give yourself a treat, why not make a slideshow with all your favorite pictures? It saves you from having to chose just one. This site has many from "Hallows" and "Prince," while this one has a wider variety.

10. HP Generation T-shirt

I don't own this yet, but I will; it's far too accurate for me to not have for long. We are the "Harry Potter" generation, the generation that grew up alongside a boy trying to be known as just himself and a witch struggling to own her own intelligence. Who learned that friendship and love can vanquish any foe, no matter how powerful, so long as we stick together. This shirt recognizes that journey.

This particular one can be found here, but if you search for "We are the Harry Potter Generation" on Google or Amazon you can find other styles.

11. This Painting

For so many of us, J.K. Rowling's novels created a world we called home, if only in our heads, one where we took classes alongside our favorite characters and stood beside them when it was time to fight. This painting, found here, reminds us that no matter where we go, or how we come back, there will always be a home for us at Hogwarts.

See you there!

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