11 Meaningful Gifts Guys Wish They'd Received For Christmas

11 Meaningful Gifts Guys Wish They'd Received For Christmas

Some guys just wish there were other things that they received under the mistletoe but didn't get.

Christmas has come and gone, the gifts have been opened, the celebration and cheer have spread around, and there's plenty of joy regarding this time of year. New Year's has come too, and that too is another time for celebration and enjoyment. For some guys, though, they ring it in differently, whether it's by enjoying family time, alone time, being with friends, going on vacation, or enjoying college football bowl season. And while they're happy with what they received, some guys just wish there were other things that they received under the mistletoe but didn't get.

1. The late family member

Not all guys have the blessing to be with family during the holiday season. Perhaps he lost a parent or a sibling or relative whom he always had a great time with, and he can no longer experience that joy because that family member isn't there to share the moment.

2. A significant other

There are a number of guys who are single during the holiday season, whether it was by choice or if they just weren't successful in their attempt to woo a beautiful woman. For those who actually tried but fail, they wish they had one because they notice those around them happily enjoying the time with their significant other. This guy doesn't want to be jealous of his friends any longer so he tries to get one for himself and to avoid the shame he puts on himself from his friends having girlfriends.

3. A sexy body

The holidays are a time for enjoying food, for sure, but some of the guys have a hard time keeping it off. He wants to so bad, since he knows what it means for him to feel and look confident in himself.

4. Better grades

Not every guy has a 4.0 GPA, but for some guys, they kick themselves for not doing better even if they still did great. They strive for a top-notch grade and to be at the top, and this is one of the ways they do it.

5. Hangout time with friends

Family is always great to spend time with during the holidays, but every guy wants to be able to see friends during the holidays too.

6. Unlimited confidence

(Refer to 2.) As we know, confidence is something that you typically "have" or "don't have" although it can be built up / replenished. Some guys enter the holiday season without confidence for various reasons. Perhaps they've felt shamed for things they did at school, they performed less then ideal in academics, or they don't feel comfortable confiding in family any longer, but whatever the struggle is, it eats away at the guy's confidence. He wants to be confident just like every girl likes a guy to be. He wishes he didn't have to second-guess or be forced to rethink especially big decisions he wants to make. He wishes that he wasn't listening to all these different voices in his head telling him multiple different things.

7. Conflict-free life

Guys grow tired of constantly having fight scenes in their head (especially regarding people they go to school with), and it affects them emotionally and socially. In their minds, there is conflict regarding their male friends, or the conflict is about girls/dating. They're afraid to open up about it too because they're afraid of receiving shame about their struggles. They just want to be able to feel free to open up without that shame.

8. The ability to love AND protect people the right way

Guys are supposedly supposed to be 'protectors' based on societal gender roles, but from time to time, when some guys offer to be protective, they get shut down for a reason that they will never fully understand. They then start to feel like they can never truly love people because of it. They feel unappreciated, and then feel like they shouldn't care even though their instinct is to care.

9. Chivalry handbook

(Refer to 8.) Guys are already extremely critical of themselves for their behavior just like girls are. They will question themselves on how well they treat the ladies in their life, and when they don't treat them as well as they would like, or they feel like they're being deprived of the opportunity to treat the women in their lives right, they get angry at themselves for not being better. They want to truly know AND understand what women like in regards to being a gentleman/being chivalrous/treating women right, but they are confused since they don't fully know or understand.

10. The ability to keep going

No guy ever wants to crumble, fold, or give up.

11. God

Guys struggle with being able to trust in where their lives are headed, and they don't know where to turn. They struggle with that faith, addiction, or whatever it may be, but they just want to find a way to confide comfortably in spite of all their struggles, and God is the one who does that.

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11 Feminist Halloween Costumes You Don't Need Cleavage To Feel Sexy In

If you’re looking for the most scandalous outfits to wear this Halloween, this may not be it.

If you're a socially conscious f eminist, you'll know sexy shouldn't be defined by anything other than what you make of it.

However, when most people type in "sexy Halloween costumes" into their search engine, they might be looking for tight bodysuits or something that shows a little more cleavage. Don’t get me wrong, I'm not knocking out bunny ears or mesh tights. However, it might be time to stretch what that definition means.

I've gathered a few costume ideas that are sure to make a statement this Halloween while representing some of the most iconic women of our time. So, here are the ten best Halloween costumes for forward-thinking women like us!

1. Rosie the Riveter

Who better to show that we are equal and can do a “man’s job” just as good (or better) than Rosie the Riveter? This outfit is bold and inexpensive. You may even have this in your closet!

2. Marilyn Monroe

"I am very definitely a woman and I enjoy it.”

More proof that you can be beautiful in pants or a dress. Embrace the beauty within.

3. Taylor Swift

“I don’t really think about things as guys versus girls. I never have. I was raised by parents who brought me up to think if you work as hard as guys, you can go far in life,” Taylor Swift said in an interview with The Daily Beast.

Enough said.

4. Hillary Clinton

President or not I’m still with her. Just like feminists and activists before her, she has paved the way for modern women to stand up for themselves and have a voice.

5. Susan B. Anthony

Susan B. Anthony proved any woman could turn her dreams into a reality. She helped remove limitations and showed women to be fearless. Fast forward 97 years and women can achieve even more than. Yes, we still have more to accomplish, but we’re definitely nearing the horizon!

6. Amelia Earhart

Not only was she an American aviator, she was also the first woman to ever fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. Talk about goals. This Halloween, you can defy gender norms just like Amelia did.

7. Frida Kahlo

Surrealist painter Frida Kahlo explored the depths of her identity, culture, gender, class, love, and loss. Through her persona and her artwork, she defied feminine beauty and gender stereotypes in a time where women had few rights and were viewed as submissive. Who ever said you had to get your brows waxed anyway?

8. Birth Control

Hands off my birth control!

This might be sound a little kooky, but isn't that what Halloween is all about? This year, make it a point to express how you feel through your costume. Women need to stick together! So, let's dress up as birth control to remind the GOP we will not accept another restriction.

9. Wonder Woman

Adding Wonder Woman to our list was a no-brainer. She’s a crowd favorite, especially the way Gal Gadot represented her in the new movie.

Overall, Wonder Woman is a symbolic character that reminds us anyone can be a hero. The days when only little boys looked up to their favorite superhero are long gone. Now, kids and adults of any gender have a badass female superhero to fawn over.

10. Madonna

More than 30 years ago Madonna broke the barriers of what men wanted women to be. In a time where women were expected to follow certain rules, her attitude and bravery overcame those norms. Shoutout to "Hocus Pocus" for the inspo.

11. Rey from "Star Wars"

In "Star Wars: The Force Awakens," Han Solo's new protégé Rey is loaded with martial skills anyone would admire. Daisy Ridley plays the franchise's first female protagonist with a strong feminist persona. Rey refuses to be defined as "just a woman" and is definitely no damsel in distress. Instead, she is a fighter, survivor, and all around badass.

This Halloween, don't just be brave. Be Rey.

Cover Image Credit: Beyoncé's Facebook Profile

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It Might Be October, But I’m Already Counting Down The Days Until Christmas For These 9 Reasons

It's the most wonderful time of the year!


Fall is such a great time of year typically. But when the weather cannot make up its mind and hayrides and pumpkin patches close due to rain it is hard to enjoy this time of year. Meanwhile, the Christmas season has so many wonderful things to offer and I am already counting down the days. Here is why the Christmas season is so much better than fall.

1. Peppermint hot chocolate is way better then pumpkin spiced latte.  

Maybe its due to the fact that I am not the biggest fan of college but its really hard to enjoy a hot drink in the fall when somedays mid-October it is still reaching a high of 80 in PA.

2. Two words - Black Friday. 

Everyone knows that Black Friday is the official/unofficial start to the Christmas season. Whether you have a Black Friday shopping tradition like me or you're just excited to be allowed to listen to Christmas music and not be judged it is definitely the day all the fun starts.

3. Consistent weather. 

Although ideal fall weather is perfect, it is typically never ideal. Once you get into December, just about every day is a similar temperature. Even though it may be cold, at least you can wear a sweatshirt in the morning and not die from overheating midafternoon.

4. Present shopping. 

While some people see this as an annoying task, I love to shop for friends and family at Christmas time! It may be a little stressful at first trying to figure out what to get for everyone but once you do it is so fun picking out the perfect gift that you know they'll love. It is a great time to show your loved ones how much you care about them and pay attention to the little things.

5. Crafting! 

I don't know about you but I love crafting and DIY projects. Christmas is the absolute best time to do all of this because who doesn't love a handmade gift. It is even a great time to make cute signs or decorations for all around your house.

6. Christmas light are way better than Jack-O-Lanterns.

Driving around at night is so beautiful at Christmas time. Seeing almost every house decked out in lights is so magical compared to a few scattered Jack-O-Lanterns on front porches that you can barely see from the street.

7. You are out of school. 

After finals are over, most schools let out mid-December so you have so much more time to enjoy the festive season without being overly stressed.

8. The movies and songs are way better. 

Christmas movies and music is some of the best. Most mainstream artists have their own Christmas albums and almost every major TV network is consistently playing Christmas movies. Even though Freeform did 31 days of Halloween I haven't cared to watch one of the movies although when its 25 days of Christmas I check the schedule almost every day so I don't miss my favorite films.

9. The meaning of Christmas. 

Whether you are religious or not, Christmas has such a deeper meaning than all of the presents. If you are celebrating Jesus's Birthday or just all the love surrounding your family, Christmas is always a holiday filled with so much love and happiness and you can't beat that.

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