11 Gifs That Describe Your Summer Internship Search

11 Gifs That Describe Your Summer Internship Search

Tossing my resume out like dollar bills.


It seems like everyone and their mother is currently trying to nail down just what exactly to do post grad. As a junior actively applying for summer internships, I definitely feel the pressure. However, I've found that most of my friends are experiencing the same struggle. Throughout all the pressure though, I've found the best way to cope is through humor. Therefore, here's a nice satire of the summer internship search brought to you through a series of ridiculous gifs.

1. When you realize you need to update your resume.


2. When you try to think of internships to apply for.

I like people?

3. When you find an internship you really want to land and then realize how competitive it is.

I believe in me.

4. When the application asks for a cover letter.

"To whom it may concern," now that's classy.

5. When the application includes a short response to a question about yourself.


6. When you start to get a little desperate during the 2-3 week period between when you submitted your application and when the company actually reaches out.


7. When you have an alert that someone viewed your LinkedIn profile, but they were a private user, so you're not sure if it was a recruiter from the internship you applied for or not.

Identify yourself!

8. When someone asks if you have any prospects for the summer.

Not now, please.

9. When someone else lands an internship, and you're super happy for them but also just got 100x more stressed.

Yay, but also WHO AM I?

10. When you inevitably get turned down from one of the 10 you applied for.

I'll be okay. I think.

And finally,

11. When you get an offer to interview.


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