11 Friends You'll Have In College, As Told By "Scream Queens"
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11 Friends You'll Have In College, As Told By "Scream Queens"

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11 Friends You'll Have In College, As Told By "Scream Queens"
Modern Horrors

College is tough enough without a masked serial killer on the loose, which is what the girls in Fox's "Scream Queens" have to deal with. The satirical mixture of comedy and horror features Emma Roberts and Jamie Lee Curtis as lead roles, with smaller roles played by actors such as Keke Palmer and Lea Michele. Here are 11 friends you'll have in college, as told by the characters of Scream Queens.

1. The drama queen

If something ever goes wrong (and somehow it always does) she'll make sure everyone knows and feels bad for her.

2. The baby

Somehow this freshman found her way into your lives (and hearts) and now it's your job to show her the ropes and make sure she doesn't get an MIP.

3. The besties

These two or three girls come as a package deal. They are practically joined at the hip, and you will probably always feel like a bit of an outsider when you're around them due to their numerous secrets and inside jokes.

4. The flirt

Men want to be with her, women want to be her. This girl is friendly and cute, and you'll probably be slightly jealous of all the boys that ask her on dates.

5. The one who lives vicariously through others

She doesn't go to many parties or out on many dates of her own, but she's all ears when you need someone to talk to about the daily drama in your life. She's a great listener and you know she cares.

6. The one always dressed for a funeral

The colors in her closet include light black, black, and dark black.

7. The big eater

This girl can put most guys to shame when it comes to eating, and she'll probably always be skinnier than you too (which is super weird and totally unfair.)

8. The brutally honest one

She's fun in small doses.

9. The homebody

She's almost always in her dorm room watching Netflix. She's borderline boring and you probably won't ever get to know her that well.

10. The one who doesn't care

She doesn't care if you love or hate her, and she is always unapologetically herself. She is a firm believer in aggressiveness over passive aggressiveness.

11. The popular one

She has thousands of follows on Instagram, gets hundreds of likes on her posts, and you can't walk through campus with her and expect to get anywhere on time because she will know and talk to a majority of the people you see along the way.

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