11 Couple Costumes That Won't Make Your Friends Hate You

Couple costumes can be great but can also be downright disastrous. I’ve actually SEEN the infamous plug and socket couple costume (who knew people would spend money on that?). Here are some costumes that you and your boy toy can dress up as while saving your friends from gagging at your self-proclaimed "adorableness" all night.

1. Sharkboy & Lavagirl (my all time favorite)

I’ve actually had this idea for so long and have always wanted to do it, too bad I don’t have a boyfriend :/ Get your man to dress up as a shark, young Taylor Lautner style, while you deck yourself out in a pink bodysuit of lava. Don’t forget a pink wig or hair chalk to complete the look of your childhood.

2. Dumb & Dumber

A classic movie and classic costume. Pick which color looks on you best (I personally look heinous in orange) and wear that color suit with your significant other!

3. Pinata & blindfolded party person with a bat

Another interchangeable costume, have one of you dress as a pinata and another dress as a deranged party goer chasing the other around with a bat all night. Bonus points if you bring a bag of candy and throw it everywhere while your partner play hits you with the stick.

4. Princess & Prince Charming

While this is almost gag worthy, it can actually be pretty cute. Dress up as your favorite Disney princess and prince or Kate Middleton and William - you decide.

5. Tree & Koala

I heart koalas and I heart this cute costume. Have your boyfriend dress as a tree while you and your koala self hold onto him all night long. Feeling strong? You be the tree and have your boyfriend be the koala clinging onto you.

6. Lion & Ring Leader

Be fierce this Halloween as a lion and a ring leader! If you end up being the ring leader, break out a whip so you can hit your boyfriend all night (jk) (not really).

7. Ron Burgundy & Veronica Corningstone

What better way to pay tribute to a great movie? Stay classy, San Diego.

8. Wendy Peffercorn & Squints

Dress up as the lifeguard young Squints had the guts to get to kiss. Have your boyfriend dress up in a baseball tee, glasses and a baseball glove and you’re set to go.

9. Cosmo & Wanda from The Fairly Odd Parents

Your favorite childhood TV show turned into favorite costume. Get colored wigs or temporary hair dye to make your hair pink and green. Dress just like the cartoon characters for a magical finish (lol puns).

10. Mr. & Mrs. Incredible

This is definitely not a costume that a lot of people do, but it’s awesome. Especially since Pixar has announced that they’re in the process of finishing up an Incredibles sequel (eek!!!).

11. Harry Potter & The Golden Snitch

As a Harry Potter fanatic, I applaud this costume. Have your boyfriend dress up in Harry’s quidditch gear, broom and all, and have him chase you around while you wear all gold. Buy some golden wings or make your own to complete the look.

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