11 Books To Read For National Reading Month
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11 Books To Read For National Reading Month

March is here and you know what that means? National Reading Month!

11 Books To Read For National Reading Month

It's March! It's the month to celebrate women, Saint Patrick's Day and a wide variety of other holidays and events. One of the events that's happening in March that people might not know about is National Reading Month. The whole month of March is dedicated to reading and the books that we read.

According to Bookmasters, this event was started in October of 2007 by the Women’s National Book Association. This group also holds and held events related to reading and books that are "open to the public."

Books are a great source of information and can be fun for people of all ages. However, what if you're stuck in a rut when it comes to reading or you just can't find a book that heightens your interest to save your life?

That's where this list comes in.

Whether you're stuck in a rut or just looking for your next reading adventure, here are xx books to read for National Reading Month.

1. Love Warrior By Gelnnon Doyle Melton

Recommended by a friend, this book is a memoir of her life as she dealt with the difficulties and the low points of her marriage when her husband cheated on her. It is the story of her bravery through the toughest points of her life.

2. Two Girls Of Gettysburg By Lisa Klein

I picked this book up at a local historic cite and had a hard time putting it down once I started reading. It is a piece of historical fiction and it follows the stories of two cousins, one siding with the Confederates while the other sides with the Union. They find out the true cost of war through different ways and learn from each other and the war itself.

3. Turtles All The Way Down By John Green

This book follows a group of teenagers as they fight through the trials and tribulations of high school and they stumble across the mystery of a runaway movie star. Though I haven't finished this book, the way John Green explains the main character's OCD and intrusive thoughts brought me a sense of comfort and happiness.

4. Wolf Children By Mamoru Hosoda

Yes, this is a manga, but it's a good read nonetheless. It is the story of a family as they go through the struggles,but with one added difficulty: as the title suggests, both the children and the father are part wolf.

5. The Martian By Andy Weir

Mar Watney finds himself stranded on Mars after a wind storm hits him off the bridge that would lead him to the ship. It is now NASA's job to figure out how to get him home. This book has the right amount of humor, triumph and disappointments to keep one entertained. This book has quite a lot of swearing as well.

6. Red Queen By Victoria Aveyard

A bit like the Hunger Games, this book tells the story of a town separated by blood color: if you had red blood you were considered a peasant and if you had silver blood you were considered elite. However, when the worlds collide and a red blooded girl has the powers of a silver blood problems arise.

7. Girl With A Pearl Earring By Tracy Chevalier

This book gives a background and a story to the Girl With A Pearl Earring, bringing her to life with vivid detail and story. She starts as a maid and soon becomes the subject for the painting. This book is not for younger audiences.

8. Station Eleven By Emily St. John Mandel

The stories in this book switch between the world before and the world after a disease has struck wiping out almost all of humanity. You follow the stories of those who survived the epidemic and learn about what the lives of those who didn't survive.

9. The Devil's Arithmetic By Jane Yolen

I read this book back in middle school, but I still love it. It brings to life the time before a girl and her family were sent to a concentration camp, during and after. It's not all happy and it has a little twist to it: the girl seemingly travels from the future to the past. This book is not for younger audiences.

10. Kite Runner By Khaled Hosseini

I read this book for school as well, but it's something I would read again. It brought issues to light that I hadn't realized at the young age I was at. It also created a whole new world to experience as I read further and further. This book is not for younger audiences.

11. Tokyo Babylon By CLAMP

Tokyo Babylon

This is another manga and it has some adult issues in it so it is not recommended for younger audiences. It tells the story of a young Subaru Sumeragi, one of the last standing onmyoji of Japan. He fights off evil in and around Tokyo, but evil may be closer than he thinks.

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