100 Things To Be Thankful For This Season

100 Things To Be Thankful For This Season

Be specific in what you are thankful for and mindful in your blessings.


About a year ago, I stumbled across the Bing Crosby quote: "When I'm worried and I can't sleep, I count my blessings instead of sheep." Much like many other quotes, I thought it was amazing, but expected to forget it soon after. Only that didn't happen. The words ingrained themselves within my mind. I found that any time I was bored or had time to think, that quote would echo through my thoughts and I'd ponder my blessings. It was this whole ordeal that prompted the idea of this article. For the past few months every time a moment hit that I thought of my blessings, I'd write them down. My plan was to have a pretty large list by the Thanksgiving season so that I could look back and actually know what I'm truly thankful for, rather than just being like "oh thanks for everything." While "everything" is fine, in my opinion it's a little too broad. I like specifics. So, I found them. With all of this aside, here is the list I came up with. I hope you enjoy and find specific, little, meaningful things to be thankful for in your own life.

1. Jesus.

2.The feel of your car accelerating.

3. Making someone laugh.

4. Sunshine on your shoulders.

5. Your bed.

6. Driving with the windows down.

7. Your favorite song playing on shuffle.

8. Kind people.

9. A stranger reading your favorite book.

10. A convicting sermon.

11. 3 a.m. conversations.

12. Coffee. Just coffee.

13. A good hair day.

14. Being able to breath through your nose.

15. Throwback music.

16. Plants.

17. Pretty lights.

18. Road signs that make you feel like you can go somewhere.

19. The sound of planes in the sky.

20. Mountain air.

21. Making dinner for yourself (and it being yummy).

22. Your family.

23. Acoustic songs.

24. New makeup.

25. Old friends.

26. New friends.

27. Sleepy animals.

28. Leaves falling.

29. Hot cocoa in winter.

30. Christmas music.

31. The sound of waves crashing.

32. A shower after a long day.

33. A full tank of gas.

34. A gentle breeze.

35. People who smell good.

36. Taking a deep breath.

37. Class ending early.

38. Bumping into a friend unexpectedly.

39. Day trips to another city.

40. Sweatpants.

41. Getting a good grade.

42. Trees swaying in the wind.

43. Friends who encourage you.

44. Cry-laughter.

45. Your favorite jeans.

46. Movie marathons.

47. The sound of rain.

48. Flowers.

49. The feeling after a good workout.

50. A new shirt.

51. Drinking water when you're thirsty.

52. Ice cream.

53. Bubbles.

54. Long car rides.

55. That stomach pain from laughing so hard.

56. A full bookshelf.

57. Non-profit organizations.

58. Old photographs.

59. Your grandparents' stories.

60. A fully charged phone battery.

61. Your favorite movie.

62. Beautiful weather.

63. New music.

64. The sound of rain.

65. Airports.

66. Bursts of inspiration.

67. The smell of old books.

68. Grandma's cooking.

69. Candles.

70. Museums.

71. A friend’s smile.

72. Chocolate shavings on top of your drink.

73. A walk in fresh air.

74. The sound of a typewriter.

75. Re-watching cartoons from your childhood.

76. When the cold medicine kicks in.

77. Pretty scenery while you're driving.

78. Freshly shaved legs.

79. The oldest book you own.

80. Taking your makeup of.

81. The first page of a notebook.

82. The perfect tasting strawberry.

83. The sound of your dad getting home from work.

84. Watermelon in the summer time.

85. Pressed flowers.

86. People who keep their promises.

87. Being appreciated.

88. A new movie.

89. Walking in your favorite shoes.

90. A really good conversation.

91. A needed hug.

92. Inside jokes.

93. ChapStick.

94. Your pillow.

95. Itching a itch.

96. Cookies.

97. Breaking a bad habit.

98. Eating what you've been craving.

99. Actually understanding what's on a test.

100. Life.

So that was my list of 100 things to be thankful for this season (and every season). I truly had a lot of fun being acutely aware of the things in this life I am appreciative of. With that being said, I'm sorry if I repeated any points; you'd be surprised at how fast you forget them, even if you're the writer. I suggest you try actively practicing the whole "counting your blessings" thing. It really does make your problems seem a little less life-shattering. Happy living!

"When I'm worried and I can't sleep, I count my blessings instead of sheep." -Bing Crosby.
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