100 Of The Best Student Discounts and Deals
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100 Of The Best Student Discounts and Deals

Amazon, American Eagle, J. Crew and more! Save big using your student ID or school email!

100 Of The Best Student Discounts and Deals

As a college student, money can be a huge issue. Here are some of the best student discounts to help you save when you buy!

1. 24 Hour Fitness: special student prices at various locations

2. A.C. Moore: 15 percent off

3. Adobe: up to 80 percent off popular software titles

4. Alex & Ani: 10 percent off any non-sale item

5. Allstate: full-time students under 25 can save up to 20 percent if they have good grades

6. Amazon: sign up for Amazon Student using your school email and get a free six-month Prime trial free and then 50 percent off Prime membership

7. AMC Theatres: cheaper admission rate on Thursdays

8. American Apparel: 25 percent off with UNiDAYS verified student status

9. American Eagle: 10 percent off in-store

10. Amtrak: 15 percent off fares

11. Ann Taylor: 20 percent off full-priced in-store purchase

12. Ann Taylor LOFT: 15 percent off

13. Apple: Five percent off most products and save up to $200 on a new Mac or iPad

14. Apple Music: $4.99 a month with school email

15. Arby's: 10 percent off

16. ASOS: 10 percent off full-prices items online

17. Banana Republic: 15 percent off full-priced purchases

18. Barnes and Noble: up to 80 percent off textbooks

19. Best Buy: discount varies with school email

20. Boohoo: 35 percent off

21. Brooks Brothers: 15 percent off in-store

22. Buffalo Wild Wings: 10 percent off

23. Burger King: 10 percent off

24. Cinemark: discounts vary

25. Charlotte Russe: 10 percent off

26. Champion: 10 percent off

27. Chick-fil-a: free drink with purchase

28. Chipotle: free drink with purchase

29. Club Monaco: 20 percent off full-priced and sale items

30. Dairy Queen: 10 percent off (most common, varies by store)

31. Dell: buy a PC over $699 and get a free tablet with ID; other various discounts in student portal

32. Dockers: 20 percent off online

33. Dunkin' Donuts: 10 percent off at participating locations

34. Eastern Mountain Sports: 15 percent off

35. Eddie Bauer: 10 percent off full-priced and sale items in-store with ID

36. Express: 15 percent off in-store and online

37. Farmers Insurance: various discounts for students under 25

38. FedEx: 20 percent to 30 percent off when you show student ID

39. Foot Locker: spend $50 and get 10 percent off

40. Forever 21: 10 percent off when you register with StudentBeans

41. Francesca's: 10 percent off

42. French Connection: 15 percent off

43. Geico: 25 percent discount for good students under 25

44. Goodwill: 10 percent off

45. Greyhound: register for the Student Advantage Discount Card and save 20 percent on tickets

46. Hershey: 20 percent off

47. H&M: 15 percent off in-store

48. HP: special student pricing and discounts

49. I-HOP: 10 percent off

50. J.Crew: 15 percent off in-store

51. Jo-Ann: 10 percent off

52. Juicy Couture: 15 percent off

53. Kate Spade: 15 percent off in-store

54. Keds: 10 percent off

55. Kenneth Cole: 20 percent off full-priced merchandise in-store

56. Lenovo: special student pricing and discounts

57. Levi's: 15 percent off in-store and online

58. Madewell: 15 percent off

59. McDonalds: 10 percent off

60. Microsoft: 10 percent off

61. ModCloth: 10 percent off full-priced orders

62. Moo: 15 percent off order of business cards

63. Nasty Gal: 30 percent off when registered with UNiDAYS

64. Norton: up to 50 percent off

65. Oasis: 20 percent off

66. Pacsun: 10 percent off when you register with StudentBeans

67. Pier 1: 15 percent off

68. Pizza Hut: 10 percent to 20 percent off at participating locations with ID

69. Pottery Barn: 15 percent off with school email or ID

70. Pottery Barn Teen: 10 percent off with school email or ID

71. Qdoba: $5 burrito meal

72. RadioShack: 10 percent off with ID

73. Ralph Lauren: 15 percent off at select stores

74. Regal: discounted tickets certain days (usually Mondays)

75. Sams Club: special student membership plus a $15 gift card

76. Sephora: 10 percent cash back

77. Sony: register online and save up to 10 percent

78. Sperry: 15 percent off

79. Spotify: get Spotify Premium for $5 a month

80. State Farm: up to 25 percent discount for good students

81. Steve Madden: 10 percent off

82. Steven Alan: 15 percent off full-priced items in-store with ID

83. Subway: 10 percent off

84. Sunglass Hut: 15 percent off

85. Supercuts: 20 percent off

86. Taco Bell: 10 percent off at participating locations

87: Target: 10 percent off online

88. The Limited: 15 percent off in-store

89. T-Mobil: special discounts when registered with studentrate.com including $50 credit and waived activation fee

90. The New York Times: 4 weeks subscription free then $1 a week

91. The Wall Street Journal: $1 per week subscription

92. The Washington Post: free subscription with student email

93. Tommy Hilfiger: 15 percent off

94. Toms: 10 percent in-store

95. Topshop: 10 percent off in-store and online

96. Urban Outfitters: 10 percent off

97. Vineyard Vines: 15 percent off in-store

98. Waffle House: 10 percent off order

99. West Elm: 15 percent off

100. Western Digital: 20 percent off with school email

Now that you have all these student discounts you can shop smart! Good luck!

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