Sometimes, it feels like you do some weird stuff that nobody else would ever be caught dead doing. Well, here's the thing - we all have our quirks and oddities. And though you're still probably kind of weird (which is totally okay!), here are 10 weird things everybody does - whether they admit them or not.

1. Make faces at babies when their parents look away.

Yes, baby, laugh at my scrunched up eyebrows and pursed lips! But keep letting your mommy think you're laughing because of her.

2. Look at a cotton swab after you've cleaned out your ears.

Something as gross as ear wax seems to fascinate even the cleanest of people. Like wow, how was there so much junk in there?!

3. Pour chip crumbs from the bottom of the bag down your throat.

You try to do this discreetly, but it's kind of hard to not draw attention to yourself when the bag keeps crinkling as you shake the crumbs into your mouth.

4. Chew off your fingernails until they all look even.

Bonus points if you're a jerk and spit them out on the floor, too.

5. Scratch an all-too-private itchy spot in public.

Okay, maybe you shouldn't be scratching your itchy butt in public, but guess what? You're doing it anyway!

6. Monitor how loudly you're breathing after sprinting to catch the bus or train.

Yeah, yeah, some people can run marathons. The rest of us make sure we aren't breathing too heavily so we aren't frowned upon for being nonathletic.

7. Eat the cheese that gets stuck on the pizza box.

Yes, even the cheese that has some paper stuck to it. You know you do.

8. Decide you can't start studying until the clock is exactly at :00.

Then suddenly it's 8:01 and you convince yourself you'll have to wait until 9:00.

9. Regret spending money on frivolous things when you're feeling broke.

If only you hadn't have bought that bag of hot chips three years ago...

10. Stay up past midnight when you have to wake up before 6 am the next day.

All the while promising that tonight's the night you'll finally get some sleep. (You won't.)