1. Host a game night.


Whether it is playing board games or video games, I don't care. Staying in playing some games with some good friends can't be beaten that easily.

2. Go to the movies.


Who doesn't love eating some popcorn while watching a future Oscar-winning movie? I mean it's a double treat, you get to eat junk and watch movies.

3. Go out for dinner.


Who says eating isn't fun? Eating some sushi or tacos is good for your soul, especially if you do it with good company.

4. Do some bowling.


This might be the most underrated activity on the list. Every time people go out bowling is always fun. You can laugh at your friends for falling while attempting to make a good toss or you can make some bets on who will finish last.

5. Watch a sporting event.


In my house, we have an actual rite. If there is an NBA playoff game or an NFL playoff game, we are watching it. No questions asked. Especially if it's a Spurs or Rockets game.

6. Play soccer/basketball/frisbee.


It's fun and it'll help you lose weight, talk about a win-win.

7. Jam at a concert.


If there is a live event near you or in the next city over, why wouldn't you go?

8. Go road tripping


Visiting other places is always fun. It offers new things to do and a new perspective. This is also a great option if you are trying to get out of your regular routine.

9. Throw a small house party.


Every time your closest friends come to your house and hang out, it is always a good time. Even playing some fun drinking games like beerio-kart can always be an awesome time.

10. Watch Netflix.


Basic, but it never disappoints. It is always nice to binge watch a show when there is nothing else to do, and at times you might get surprised by the quality of entertainment.