10 Ways To Have A Sober Halloween

10 Ways To Have A Sober Halloween

No alcohol does not equal no fun.

Halloween is one of the best nights of the year... that most people don't remember. If drinking a scary amount of alcohol isn't the way you get in the Halloween spirt, here are some fun and spooky ideas for you to try.

1. Go Trick or Treating.

Take it old school! What's better than dressing up in a crazy costume and getting FREE CANDY?

2. Go to A Haunted House.

Halloween is all about the scares. A Haunted House is a perfect way to get your adrenaline pumping.

3. Have A Scary Movie Marathon.

There is always so much pressure to go out on Halloween. Sometimes it is better to stay in, especially if that means curling up on the couch with some Halloween treats and watching Halloweenrown, Halloweentown 2, Halloweentown High... You get the point.

4. Go Ghost Hunting.

If you're up for a real thrill go ghost hunting. Every town has a ghost story; discover yours and go exploring.

5. Bake Halloween Treats.

If you need any convincing just look at Pinterest. Believe me, your mouth will be watering in seconds.

6. Have A Halloween Potluck.

Invite some friends over for a Halloween Themed dinner. There's no better way to spend a holiday then with friends and good food.

7. Have A Jack-O-Lantern Carving Contest.

Let out your creative and competitive side with a pumpkin carving contest. Nothing says Halloween like a Jack-O-Lantern.

8. Go For A Halloween Hike.

Celebrating Autumn is a big part of Halloween. Take advantage of the colorful trees and cool air by going on a long hike!

9. Plan A Halloween Scavenger Hunt.

Get your friends together and create a list of Halloween themed tasks to complete.

10. Pull Some Halloween Pranks.

Halloween encourages a certain sense of mischief. Channel this feeling and pull some funny pranks on your friends; a little toilet paper never hurt anybody.

See? You don't have to drink to have fun on Halloween. Try one or a combination of all of these ideas to have a happy and healthy Halloween.

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11 Valentine's Day Gifts From Target For The Person You Love Almost As Much As Target Itself

Spread the love this Valentine's Day with some cute items!

You can always count on Target to have exactly what you need whenever you need it. More often than not, I walk out of their stores with a cart full of the things I just couldn't stand to leave without. This is even more true around holiday times! Target always comes through with some amazing, festive items. This year, they have a great selection of Valentine's Day items that you won't be able to leave the store without!

1. Pink Oversize Faux Fur Heart Throw Pillow.

This pillow is so soft and cozy! It'd be perfect for curling up with during this sweet and romantic time.

2. Pink Metallic Knit Throw Pillow by Threshold™.

Another cozy item! This would be perfect for laying over a chair or a couch as decor or great for wrapping up in.

3. Set of Two Pink/Ivory 14 oz Valentine Dogs Glazed Stoneware Mug by Threshold™.

How cute are these? This is something I'd be using year round, not only during Valentine's Day!

4. Pink 14"x14 Heart-Shaped Artificial Wreath by Threshold™.

Your front door definitely needs this cute heart-shaped wreath! Spread the love!

5. 16ct Valentine's Day Heart Glasses by Spritz™.

These would be a great party favor for Valentine's Day parties! And super cute to take selfies with.

6. Cream Metallic Heart Placemat.

What a cute way to spruce up your table! Get these and cook up a romantic dinner with your significant other.

7. Gold/Pink/Purple 60" Heart Shaped Garland by Threshold™.

This would be so cute hanging over a headboard or across a window!

8. Pine Wood Hearts Sign by Hand Made Modern™.

This would be a cute decoration on its own but it would also make an awesome Valentine's Day craft project! Grab some paint and decorate your own heart!

9. XOXO Wine Decanter with Wood Stopper.

Spice things up on Valentine's Day with this romantic wine decanter! Or fill it with the drink of your choice.

10. 4pc Nested Cookie Cutter Set by Wilton™.

Make some sweet treats with these cute, heart-shaped cookie cutters!

11. Heart Stoneware Serving Platter Red/Pink by Threshold™.

What better way to present those sweet treats you made than on this adorable serving platter?

Cover Image Credit: GoodFreePhotos

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7 Reasons It's Totally OK That I'm 23 And Have ALWAYS Been Single On Valentine's Day

Believe it or not, being single on Valentine's Day isn't a TOTAL bummer.

I've been here for almost 23 years and I have yet to celebrate Valentine's Day with a significant other, or even a date, for that matter. Sometimes it bums me out, but then I realize all the things that are fantastic about this.

1. Valentine's Day is largely just a commercial holiday.

It is designed to sell cards, chocolate, flowers, and other Valentine's-esque gifts. Seriously, there is research that shows how much money is shelled out on these gifts, and it's insane how much more money is charged for things like flowers during these types of holidays.

2. Valentine's Day should not be the ONLY day you show love to those you care about.

By all means, buy the gushy thing you know your significant other, family member or friend might want, and tell them you love them. If, however, this is the only time you ever show anyone you care, and it's because you're expected to on the 14th of February, that's really sad.

3. I already have enough stuffed animals.

I would appreciate anything someone gave me because they were thinking of me, no doubt, but I'd rather it be full of thought than a cheesy stuffed animal I have no room for in my house (unless it's a stuffed elephant because my future SO would know I love elephants). Write me a letter, make me my favorite dinner, watch my favorite movie with me, or if you want to spoil me, do that-just no giant teddy bear just because it was in the Valentine's Day section of the CVS down the street.

4. Restaurants/movie theaters/etc. are TOO CROWDED on Valentine's Day.

Unless you make a reservation in advance, we will wait FOREVER. Anyone that knows me knows I get cranky when I'm hungry or forced into a crowd of people. Not a great date night.

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5. Day-after chocolate.

I like to take advantage of the fact that stores buy WAY too much-themed merchandise for holidays, and therefore when they inevitably have this surplus, they mark it down the day after. So, when the grocery stores say 50% off for Russell Stover, this girl's going IN, with no one to judge her for buying it.

6. No disappointments.

Okay, I know this one looks bad at first glance. Hear me out:

I put thought into gifts. Some presents I've given may not have been right on the money for some people, but you can at least tell I tried to put something together. I like to get a few things that the person I'm buying or crafting a gift for likes, and put a sentimental spin on it.

Even though there have been times that I cannot stand the things that my significant other liked, I still made an attempt to get something HE liked, not something that only I liked and wanted him to like. I've heard of people who put no thought into something for someone else, or perhaps worse, they'll buy something they enjoy for their boyfriend or girlfriend.

For instance, some people buy non-sports-fans season tickets to their own favorite team's games, because they enjoy going and the "We can go together!" idea is their defense. Yes, Chad, we can go to a game together, because I know you enjoy it, but not the WHOLE SEASON.

7. Excuse to save money.

Not that I really mind spoiling my boyfriends when I have them or spotting them sometimes for date nights, but ya girl is a bargain hunter and the best way to save money for your date on Valentine's Day is to not have one. Sure, it'd be nice to have someone to cuddle up with and be mushy with, but if I don't have that person, I can use the money I saved on a present for that nonexistent mister to buy myself something nice. Or spend some of it on the marked-down candy.

I'm sure all of this sounds cynical, and perhaps it is, but I'm of the opinion that Valentine's Day, while adorably romantic, is just another day. If you care about someone, the love you're showing should be thoughtful and year-round, not just one day in February.

Cover Image Credit: Instagram | Caitlin Bea

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