10 Memories To Make This Summer To Last A Lifetime

Summer is always something to look forward to, but sometimes having so much time off can be boring, with three (and possibly more) months of potential free time. With that being said, here are 10 exciting ways to spend your summer.

1. Scavenger Hunts

Who doesn't love looking for random little things all over the place? Scavenger hunts are something that followed me from childhood into adulthood, and I don't regret that.

2. Road Trips

Even though a long car ride can seem like a drag, it's not that way if you're going somewhere cool with people you enjoy. You can almost never go wrong with road trips.

3. Amusement Parks

This one is my personal favorite. I'm lucky enough to live in the same state as a Six Flags park that I love, but I'm a fan of several other parks as well.

4. Beach Days

If you're lucky enough to not live too far from a beach, it can be a fun day trip. Even if you are a little farther away, the beach is usually always a good time.

5. Camping

If wilderness is your thing, chances are you love camping. Also, S'mores. Need I say anything else?

6. Hiking

Again, this is for the fans of the great outdoors. Hiking is always a great way to spend time and go on an adventure.

7. Movie Marathons

The best time to be lazy and watch movies all day is when you have nothing else to do. Bonus points if it's a series.

8. Doing a 5k

Keeps you fit and looking fabulous, all while having a great time. Doesn't get much better than that.

9. Try a new food

Whether it's that new Sundae or some crazy foreign delicacy, anything counts.

10. Baking

Not necessarily just for summer, but a great way to pass time all year round. Who doesn't like making confections like cakes, cookies, brownies and more?

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