10 Unpopular opinions that you will hate after you read
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10 Unpopular opinions that you will hate after you read

A haircut can change your life and orange is a hate crime

10 Unpopular opinions that you will hate after you read

I am a picky eater. I have strong opinions about plenty of issues, and I make up my mind easily. I am stubborn and often annoy those around me with my ongoing thoughts especially in addition to the fact that I rarely stop talking. Here are ten of my most unpopular opinions that make people dislike me entirely. I think we all have these "hot takes". We all have things that don't conform to normal ideas or go against the status-quo. We have our opinions and tastes that make us different. Though I think these unpopular things are funny and may challenge how you think, I think it's really important to be able to say what you think about silly small things or big controversial issues. It's about appreciating our differences and voices our own individual thoughts.

1. Sauces are ambiguous and make food wet.

You can look at any food and know what it will taste like even if you have never had it before. You likely have had similar flavors, can smell what it may taste like, or can come up with a strong idea of what something will be. However, this is not true for condiments. You can rarely tell the flavor or consistency just by looking at them. They are typically around the same color scheme and the ingredients are undetectable. This makes sauces ambiguous and confusing as they add moisture to whatever food they are complimenting disguising the initial flavors of the original item.

2. Ryan Seacrest is the most powerful man in the country.

Similarly as to how the Kardashians have set the standards for advertising, marketing, and public relations as pop culture icons, Ryan Seacrest does the same. He was in the backgrounds of our lives. We grew up watching American Idol and quoting our favorite judges as Seacrest hosted this popular show. In middle school, I listened to his radio show for all the top hits. In high school, I watched he shows he produced such as Keeping Up With The Kardashians. I counted down every new year with his Dick Clark's special. I attend his Alma Mater and occasionally watch his daytime television show and commercials. He has a cleaner and well-kept image than most celebrities while working harder than his competition making him one of the most successful men in Hollywood.

3. Television shows are better than movies.

In a movie, there is an intro, a rising action, a climax, a falling action, and a conclusion. This spans over the course of a two hour time frame. In a television show, the same steps occur but instead in a faster paced climb to action squeezing the full story timeline into a 30-60 minute episode. This means every half hour there is a full series of events focusing on a climax and concluding the episode. It makes for more excitement and less dead time making it far more entertaining and usually produced at a cheaper cost of production.

4. Common core is actually important.

Everyone complains about having to take math or science or English in high school and college. People complain if it isn't consistent with their career path, it should not be required. I like it. I think it forces you to learn and work through things that don't come naturally for you. It makes a challenge and forces you to understand difficult things and teach yourself how to study. It also helps to introduce you to things you don't like so you can better understand your own interest and what you want to make your career.

5. Not everyone should go to college. 

I think there is so much value in working towards your strengths. I think technical schools and experience can be so much more valuable than a degree you never want to use. Choose a job that excites you even if it doesn't come with a degree and a mountain of debt to prove it. I think hard work can go a long way in today's world and such be appreciated and respected.

6. The penny is a waste. 

My grandfather often talks about how it costs more than a penny to make a penny only for people to lose it or have it weight down their wallets. It's not necessary. It doesn't benefit anyone specifically or have a major impact. Especially in today's word of a global pandemic, having one less transportation for infection isn't hurting anyone.

7. Changing your hair makes you better.

If you dye your hair lighter, it brings more light to your face and brightens your features. If you dye your hair darker, it adds more contrast allowing others to focus in more on your facial features. A new hair cut gives you a fresh perspective of yourself. It gives you a feeling of a new start, a new person that is capable of anything. Nothing like a hair cut or some highlights to give you a fresh point of view.

8. Creative people are more in-touch with their emotions. 

I believe that people who are more creative are more in touch with their emotions because they translate this emotional intelligence into creative expressions. They paint, sing, draw, make, build, or write. On the other hand, people who are more invested in intangible skills such as math or science are more level headed and stable. I believe there is strong value in both- it's about understanding your strengths and weaknesses in order to best apply them.

9. Wearing orange is a hate crime. 

Everyone has their type. In relationships, we decide what is non-negotiable and what is essential. For example, in relationships, I don't care about cooking ability or taste in movies but require things such as respect and equality. Though these are extremes, it goes to show how our preferences can dictate the amount of time we spend with others. What is a deal-breaker? For me, one of mine is cheering for an orange team. Though it sounds superficial, I think some of our preferences are. We decide we like people of certain heights or political affiliations or social status. For me, I live and breathe Georgia football and have a hard time putting aside that passion.

10. Quiet people scare me.

I am painfully an extrovert. I talk to everyone everywhere. The only times I'm quiet are when I am angry, sad, or don't like someone. When I try to talk to people and they don't really respond, it makes me feel rejected. It makes me feel like they are angry with me or upset or don't like me. I want to be as approachable as possible. I want to be welcoming and accepting and loving of everyone- and that has to include people who are different from me. Not everyone wants to have small talk in the elevator or is in the mood to meet a new friend at the stoplight, and that's okay. It's nice to be aware of these differences and help people to feel comfortable around you even if that looks different for everyone.

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