10 TV Shows You Know You Miss
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10 TV Shows You Know You Miss

Don't try to tell me that you prefer the new Disney Channel over the old Disney Channel. Nothing beats Classic TV. Nothing.

10 TV Shows You Know You Miss

Whatever happened to predictability? Where did the Mickey Mouse ears in the corner of the screen go? Is TV even a thing anymore? These are a few questions that I struggle to get over as I once again type Netflix into my web browser. It's easy to see, though, television just isn't what it used to be. Danny Tanner has been replaced by teen moms, and reality TV has taken over the family sitcom. Here are 10 TV shows that you wish were still on.

1. "Magic School Bus"

First of all, this show gave me very unrealistic expectations for future science classes. Not once did I ever transport back to the Jurassic period, or travel in one of my classmates' blood streams to study cells; needless to say I'm still a little bitter.

2. "Lizzie McGuire"

It is safe to say that for the majority of my childhood I wanted to be Lizzie McGuire and have an animated version of myself narrating my life. Literally I think half of the girls, and some of the guys, that I knew wanted to be in that show.

3. "Rocket Power"

Do I remember any of the plot lines to this show? No. Is it still amazing? Hell yes. These kids literally spent their lives skating around in their ocean side Cali town and if they got board they'd go visit their favorite Hawaiian,Tito, at their families snack shack.

3. "Sister Sister"

The number of times that I had a dream of finding my unknown long lost twin due to this show is startling. I mean they found each other in a shoe store. Isn't that like every girl's ultimate dream? Finding not only the perfect pair of flats but also a twin sister who you can now borrow shoes from?? Sounds like heaven to me.

4. "That's So Raven"

That look. We all know it, we all tried to imitate it but no one could do it quite like Raven Symone. Thanks to her we not only thought there was a possibility that one of our friends was psychic, but she also was a part of cheetah girls so she rocks.

5. "Full House"

Nothing against Netflix, but "Fuller House" just doesn't satisfy my Tanner household needs. I miss the days of hating Becky because I was in love with Uncle Jessie despite his Elvis obsession. I'm also still wondering...what ever happened to predictability?

6. "Kim Possible"

Can't you just hear her Kimmunicator tone in your head right now? I know I can. Not only could she pull off a black turtleneck crop top, but she was also a kick-butt female. Her sidekick's name was Ron Stoppable after all. Way to fight the patriarchy, Kim.

7. "Sabrina the Teenage Witch"

I wanted a chatter box black cat, two cool eccentric aunts, and the ability to cast spells. Most importantly Yes being a teenage which did have its downside, but cmon she turned her archenemy into a goat in one episode; talk about the ultimate revenge.

9. "Scooby-Doo"

Scooby Dooby Doo, where are you? I miss you! You can't beat an old school 70's animated TV show about a bunch of random kids driving around in a van fighting supernatural crime. No matter how hard you try, Scooby and the gang will always be groovy.

10. "Boy Meets World"

Can we all admit that Corey's hair made his head look like a brillo pad? Because it totally did. Not only was Corey's hair a show stopper, but the lovable Mr. Feeny was hard to ignore. I wish I had such an insightful, fun loving, teacher who could rock a mustache like Feeny.

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