10 Travel Tips You Actually Need To Read
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10 Travel Tips You Actually Need To Read

Think of these as your Ten Commandments of travel.

10 Travel Tips You Actually Need To Read

For the third and final installment of my Adventure Advice Series, I thought it would be best to share some miscellaneous travel tips that can help anyone get more out of their next trip!

For advice about budgeting and packing for a trip, please see parts one and two of this series.

Part three of three: Miscellaneous

1. Buy Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is that little extra gift for yourself to cover anything bad that could happen so you can stress less.

Depending on the policy, it can cover anything from medical emergencies to lost luggage or a trip cancellation. The extra money will be well worth the extra peace of mind, trust me.

2. Learn A Few Words in the Local Language

Traveling to a new place can be anxiety-inducing enough as it is without adding on a language barrier issue. Brushing up on a few key phrases in the language of the destination you're traveling to can help you out in several situations, like trying to find the nearest bathroom or telling the waitress you have an allergy.

3. Make Copies of Your Information

There's nothing more frustrating than getting yourself in a pinch because your passport or flight information got lost or damaged. This kind of hiccup can ruin any travel plans, so just make sure to make copies of everything and put the copies away from the originals.

4. Don't Keep All Your Money Together

You know the phrase "don't put all your eggs in one basket?" The same philosophy applies here. If you put all of your money in your wallet and walk around with it, anything could happen.

Pick-pocketing is a common occurrence for some travelers, and that's why it's good to disperse some of your funds throughout your luggage, wallet and shoe so you aren't left empty handed if something happens.

5. Be Open-Minded and Try New Things

One of the best aspects of traveling is getting to experience a place that's different from what you're used to back home. Try the weird food you can't pronounce, sleep in a hostel with strangers as roommates and just enjoy the new experiences and opportunities.

6. Use Caution and Good Judgment

Now, being open-minded doesn't mean being foolish. When entering an unknown environment, it's always best to be cautious and trust your instincts.

For example, just because there is free Wi-fi available doesn't mean you should use it, especially if you're going to be using it for sensitive information like banking transactions.

7. Don't Forget To Capture Memories

Capturing great moments from your trip is important to help you remember highlights long after it's over. Many people do this by taking photographs, keeping a travel journal and collecting souvenirs.

A bonus to this is being able to share the experience with your loved ones when you get back home. Instead of trying to describe exactly how big that waterfall was, they can see it in a photo.

8. Take Time To Unplug

While capturing memories of your trip, don't make every moment about photographs or videos. Put the phone down and enjoy your meal without letting Instagram know what you're having.

See that sunset through your eyes, not your screen. Really soak in the surroundings, and focus on enjoying everything...you can post photos on social media when you get back home.

9. Don't Plan Everything or Too Many Things

Listen, I know there's so much to see and do and you feel like there's not enough time. That's because there isn't, there hardly ever is. That's all the more reason to slow down and focus on a select few things rather than trying to rush through several all at once.

Don't try to see six countries in seven days or visit all the Disney parks in a weekend. You'll be so pushed to stick to an itinerary that you won't get to enjoy anything and you'll exhaust yourself.

10. Make It a Point to Learn Something

Traveling opens doors to endless opportunities for learning and growing as a person. Use your trip to expand your mind. Go to a museum and learn about local history, figure out the hidden gems of the area that aren't flooding Instagram, pay attention to how residents interact and thrive and compare it to what your version of normal is.

The results you get from really paying attention and exploring might shock you.

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