So my eighteen-year-old brother and I get on pretty good, but there is one thing that bugs me more than anything about our relationship. People always think that he is the older sibling out of the two of us, and it's mostly because he has a beard and is taller than me. Harry Styles (24 Years Old) is the same height as my brother (5 Foot 11 Inches) and is usually cleanly shaven. So without further ado here are 10 times my younger brother was my older brother.

1. When the Waitress Cards You and Asks if He Wants a Drink

2. And Then Expects Him to Front the Bill

Although it'd be nice not to pay anyways.

3. When an Obscure Family Member/ Friend Asks When You're Graduating High School

And you laugh pulling out your diploma.

4. You Can't be Silly Around Relatives

Because they ask why you can't be more mature like your brother, and you have to stifle laughing at how dumb that sounds.

5. People Treat You Like You're Five

Just because I'm short and cute does not mean you can talk down to me. Also I can wear as many vibrant colors as I want. If I didn't nearly blind you with my presence my day wasn't worthwhile.

6. And Treat Him Like a Genius

Just because he knows AP Calculus does not mean he's better than me Karen!

7. People Use References He Doesn't Understand

How I miss the good old days of Total Drama Island and the REAL Teen Titans.

8. When He Gets Insurance Offers in the Mail

You could save 15% or more on paper by not sending my license-less brother car insurance.

9. When People Think You're Dating (EW!)

Save that for the Lannisters people.

10. When He Takes Care of You by Making You Food

This one I actually don't mind. It's nice to come home to a hot bowl of ramen after a hard day at work.