10 Thoughts We've All Had While Watching "Scandal"
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10 Thoughts We've All Had While Watching "Scandal"

Who doesn't want to be a gladiator in a white hat?

10 Thoughts We've All Had While Watching "Scandal"

Whether you're in the middle of binge watching season three on Netflix (like me), or savoring in the drama every Thursday night, we can all agree that "Scandal" is arguably the best show on TV. Shonda Rimes, writer and producer of this hit drama --along with "Grey's Anatomy" and "How to Get Away with Murder" -- never seems to disappoint. I can't figure out for the life of me how she manages to make every episode a cliffhanger, forcing me to keep hitting "next" on Netflix for hours on end. Whether you're as obsessed with this show, as I am, or thinking about starting it (please do), here are 10 thoughts you'll inevitably have while watching "Scandal."

1. How can I become Olivia Pope?

Seriously, how? I don't know how this woman manages to control every political scandal in Washington D.C., juggle two extremely attractive men and still look good doing it. She is the epitome of a badass independent woman and can drink wine like its nobody's business.

2. Is that really another "Grey's" character?

It's not just Jeff Perry and Kate Burton (Meredith's parents on "Grey's Anatomy" and enemies on "Scandal") who appear on both Shonda shows. There are too many crossovers to count!

3. If only someone loved me the way Fitz loves Olivia.

Their side glances, private moments and everything in between; at this point, I think its fair to say we've ditched our morals and beliefs on fidelity because of these two. There's no doubt that Olivia and Fitz are meant to be. (Team Fitz forever!)

4. I hate Mellie -- wait ,maybe I don't.

Yes, her twisted schemes and attempts to break Olivia and Fitz up are reason enough to hate her. As time's gone on, however, it becomes obvious how much she's given up to get Fitz in the White House. Either way, her sass and wit are enough to want to keep her around.

5. Where does Olivia shop?!

Her trench coats, jumpsuits and business outfits are always on point.

6. Cyrus Beene is a literal monster why does no one else see this?

I don't understand how this man can have this much blood on his hands and manage to keep getting away with it! Why does everyone look at him like this cute old man? He needs to go.

7. Is this what D.C. and politics are actually like?

The hidden secrets, murders and rigged elections make me wonder how much of this could actually be going on in our nation's capital. At the same time, if it is, I don't want to know.

8. I will have nightmares for the rest of my life that revolve around B613.

What I don't understand is how Olivia can be so smart, yet so dumb when it comes to her father. He's the only person who can really get inside her head. Basically, everyone from B613 (except, maybe, Jake) makes me want to crawl up in a hole and die.

9. There's no way a new season could top this...

Or so I've thought, every single season so far. And I'm wrong. Every time.

10. This show has taken over my life, and I'm OK with it.

I was hooked within 10 minutes of the pilot and have been ever since. I'm madly in love with almost every character on the show and the massive amounts of emotional turmoil they put me through. Gladiators for life!

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