10 Halloween Costumes To Avoid
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10 Halloween Costumes To Avoid

Think twice about your costume choices, because "funny" can also be extremely offensive.

10 Halloween Costumes To Avoid

With Halloween fast approaching, it's an all-out scramble to try to piece together a costume worth showing off. Everyone knows it's a fun holiday. You dress up, go out, do whatever you find fun, and you get to be your smooth alter-ego for the night. However, there is a line to be drawn when choosing a costume, because even though something may seem funny, does not mean it is actually funny. When you find yourself costume hunting, keep in mind the ones to avoid.

1. Suicide Bomber

Let's be honest. Does it really need to be explained why you should not wear this costume? Besides the complete disrespect to people effected by this pain, there are so many reasons not to wear this costume this year. Halloween is not the time to show just how much you can offend a culture.

2. Caitlyn Jenner (Or any trans person)

It's pretty obvious why this costume is one you should probably not wear this Halloween. Yes, this was huge in the media when the story broke. Yes, this would likely get a lot of laughs from your friends. No, you shouldn't wear it anyway because you would be labeled a 'legend' after wearing it. The bottom line comes down to this being someone's identity, and it simply could be hurtful to them. Don't be that guy.

3. A Tampon

I think perhaps the most appalling thing I have ever learned in my life is that someone would quite literally dress up as a bloody tampon just to make fun of a news anchor. I repeat, a BLOODY TAMPON. If you really needed to read this article to find a reason NOT to be a bloody tampon, then you truly have bigger issues than a terrible Halloween costume.

4. Anything with blackface

Around this time every year, costumes including blackface are severely frowned upon. For how much it's been mentioned, it's shocking that we still have to have a conversation about it. Still, people must be reminded. Bottom line: blackface is racist. There is no reason you absolutley must paint yourself to portray a different race. Just don't do it.

5. A sexy scary movie monster

My only question for people considering this type of costume would be: is this necessary? It seems like we're just grabbing at straws trying to find a sexy costume at this point. What happened to the classic sexy nurse? Sexy cop? No, we have to take it as far as sexy Jason Vorhees. It does get a good grade for creativity, but, if you're trying to go with a sexy costume, stick to the original ones. Nobody wants to wake up the next day next to a sexy Chucky doll.

6. Culturally inappropriate costumes

The idea of a culturally appropriate costume goes hand in hand with the blackface costume. Not only are they extremely offensive to people who are part of the culture, but they also condone stereotypes. A Native American dress isn't the only culture that can be appropriated during this holiday season. Think twice about the costume you're choosing. Ask yourself, "Does this costume target a specific culture in a way that could possibly be offensive?" If the answer is yes, then the costume is a no-go.

7. Sexy Nun

A sexy nun is probably the most redundant Halloween costume the world has ever seen. Aside from the obvious objectification of women, this costume goes clearly against everything that nuns are about, and does a good job of it. I, again, bring up the point of going with something a little more traditionally sexy. There is no reason a nun would ever be dressed like this, so there's no reason you should start the trend.

8. The Twin Towers

The bloody tampon being the most disturbing costume I have ever seen was, unfortunately, a lie. This rendition of 9/11 really takes the most distasteful cake. There is a 100% chance if you use a national tragedy as a Halloween costume, you'll be offending an infinite amount of people. Thousands of people died because of 9/11. There is always a better costume than this one, or any tragic event, for that matter.

9. A sexy version of something that shouldn't be sexy

I'm visiting the deep, black hole of sexy costumes for the last time now. It never fails to shock people what cartoon characters will be made into sexy costumes for the year. In all seriousness, these are characters created for children. Why must they be turned into sexy adult costumes?

10. An Eating Disorder

I have no words for this costume. Is there a point? What is the ideology behind buying this? Eating disorders, like many other things on this list, are not a laughing matter. It's arguable that this costume is just another run of the mill sexy skeleton, but the advertised name is where the company ran into trouble. This is just 100% not okay.

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