10 Things To Do To Avoid Holiday Fighting

Aren't the holidays great? Good food, good movies, great songs, spending time with your family...okay, so maybe the last one is a bit more stressful than fun. Almost every family has at least two people in it whose views differ--or are polar opposites. While picking a fight may sound fun, you should really try to avoid fighting during the holidays. This may be hard, so allow me to offer you ten different things to do.

1. EAT!!!!!!

One of the best parts of the holidays are the enormous amounts of (almost) free food there is. So if your loving relatives start to talk about how wonderful that one government official is, and you feel like you just HAVE to say something, stuff your face instead.

2. Turn the TV up!

More than likely, there is a television on somewhere in the house during the holidays. So if you want to drown out the sound of your homophobic uncle, turn up the Macy's Day Parade.

3. Play with the dog or cat.

Almost everyone owns some kind of animal. They're soft, they're kind, and most importantly, they won't try and pick a fight with you on whether you're registered as a Democrat or a Republican.

4. Do homework.

If you're still in high school, there is a very high chance that most of your teachers assigned you a pile of homework to do over break and, even though homework isn't the most fun thing to do, it is more fun than trying to reason with your family.

5. Hide in the bathroom.

No one will bother you. You can play Animal Crossing on your phone. What's better?

6. Go for a walk.

Holiday weather is amazing and it needs to be appreciated. So clear your mind and take in the beauty of the world at the holidays. Feel free to also yell your feelings while you're out on said walk.

7. Quickly change the subject.

"Hey, did you see what Donald Trump said?"

"Did you know that when you bite down on something, you're actually biting up?"

See, it really is easy to change the subject.

8. Sit at the children's table.

I would much rather get into a debate on who the best superhero is, not whether or not the electoral college is a necessary part of the modern democracy. Because, is it really necessary?

9. Open presents!

Most holidays involve the exchanging of some kind of presents, and who can fight when opening free things?

10. Tweet your feelings!

When all else fails, and you've been holding your tongue for hours, it may be best to let some things out. So, feel free to live tweet your whole mental argument.

So, when the opinions get to be too much, take a deep breath and try one of these because nothing ruins the holidays faster than fighting.

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