Being a Pastor's Kid is a unique experience, to say the least. It is an even more unique experience when you become a Pastor's kid when you're an adult. However, there are things that both lifelong and adult pastor's kids have in common. With that in mind, I decided to write something on that topic.

1) You have heard your parent's sermon at least twice before everyone else does

Sometimes, actually attending church means that you will have to listen to that same "funny moment" for the third time. Trying to laugh can sometimes be harder than actually laughing.

2) Church people love to hear the "juicy" details about your life.

Sometimes those questions got a little too personal for your liking

3) One of your interesting facts when introducing yourself has been that you are a pastor's kid.

Yeah, that's me.

4) Church music, whether that be traditional or contemporary, somehow gets stuck in your head at the worst times.


5) You know words like "narthex," "sacristy" and "canon."

Just look them up, people.

6) When you chose a college, you had to think of whether you wanted to go to a religious college or a public one.

Being a pastor's kid meant that colleges offered financial benefits for awesome students like you.

7) You know the four seasons by the color vestments that your parents wore over their robe.

Forget the traditional four seasons. When you are in the church, you see colors as red, green, purple, and white

8) People were shocked when they found out that your mom was a pastor.

A woman? In the pulpit? I mean, it is 2016.

9) You could always spot your parent's car in the parking lot because it had "clergy" on the back.

10) You LOVE church gossip.

I mean, in the grand scheme of things, who doesn't? I personally find the irony that people don't like each other at a church quite funny.

11) You have gotten upset over something a church member has said to you and you had to talk with you parent pastor later on.

Sometimes, with all of the pressure we are under, PKs take it personally. Give us a break.

12) You could write and deliver a sermon with no bumps whatsoever.

Arm movements and all, you could flawlessly deliver that awesome sermon. It comes with years of practice in the pew.

13) You have seen your parent get into "pastor mode" and know not to go anywhere near them on a Sunday.

Sundays were the day of rest for everyone except for you.

14) At the end of the day, your parent performs miracles on a daily basis.

Even though there are things you wish you could change, in reality you wouldn't change a thing.