10 Things Not To Ask A Vegetarian

10 Things Not To Ask A Vegetarian

No, this is not a diet and yes, I get enough protein...

Coming up toward the end of October marks my two-year anniversary of becoming a vegetarian and giving up meat products for good. This change in my life happened back during my senior year of high school where I decided I needed to change. Acne covered my chin and forehead, I constantly felt tired or drowsy, and the constant feeling of what I can describe as "bleh" took over my life. But over the past two years of transitioning meat and other animal products out of my life, I found that these issues gradually became controllable and I am happier than ever.

As much I loved my new lifestyle of living mostly animal product free, others were not too excited to see me do such a "radical" change. But thanks to the internet and my other vegetarian friends, I have found my experiences are nearly identical to other vegetarians and some vegans. Often we'd get similar questions from non-vegetarians on our moral, ethical, and health beliefs over and over again to the point where we are tired of the repetitiveness. So here are ten things that I've been told throughout the past two years as a vegetarian:

1. So, where do you get your protein/iron/calcium/B12/etc.?

There are a wide variety of plant-based proteins that make up the same or even more amounts of protein than meat sources: beans, lentils, spinach, chickpeas, etc. Same goes for other vitamins. Fruits and vegetables as well as whole grains hold a lot of vitamins and minerals necessary for our overall health. If there may be a lack in some of these areas, nothing like a good-ol' vitamin (or vitamins) won't help.

2. Are you one of those mean animal rights activists?

Of course I love and respect the life of animals, but just because I don't eat meat doesn't mean I'm heavily involved in the meatless movement. And no, I do not plan shove my beliefs of vegetarianism down your throat with tofu.

3. Is it all right to eat my [animal product here] in front of you or will you get offended?

Go for it. It's your life and your choices, not mine.

4. Are you on some sort of health-kick or diet?

Just because someone is vegetarian does not primarily mean they eat healthy. Cheese pizza, French fries and ice cream is sometimes way too hard to give up.

5. But don't you ever miss the taste of meat?

Meat isn't the only food on the planet. There are different types of foods from all around the world that don't contain meat and are probably as equally tasty.

6. *Goes to a restaurant with friends* Are you sure you can eat something here?

Lots of restaurants have vegetarian options either on the menu or you can simply ask for the meat to be left out (if possible). When it doubt: order sides.

7. Oh, so you only eat sad salads?

Refer back to #6. Both eating out and dining at home has a ton of different perks. Especially Qdoba and Chipotle. Buzzfeed pretty much sums up my point for this one: Burrito bowls are bomb.

8. If you were stranded on a desert island and the only thing to eat was a juicy steak, would you eat it or starve?

I find this a mildly unrealistic question - when exactly would I find myself stranded alone on a desert island? Um, I don't know? Whatever I would do to survive ?

9. So can you eat [obvious animal product]?

Although there are a variety of vegetarians that may eat some animal meats such as pescatarians (vegetarians who still eat fish), most of the time the answer is no.

10. Why?

This choice to go vegetarian was what was best for me. I wasn't forced by anyone and I didn't want to follow a "diet fad." In the end, it was my own personal decision and that's all that matters.

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So, foodies, this one is for you! Here are 10 spots to try in the Boca Raton area:

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Cover Image Credit: Instagram.com/Cinnaholic

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7 Ways You Know You Come From A Family Of "Foodies"

My family is food-centric, and that brings us together.

Growing up, it has always been rather apparent that my family lives a rather food-centric lifestyle. There are certainly no complaints here--from a rather early age I acquired an appreciation for food and I've gotten to eat in a number of incredible restaurants.

My family definitely wears the title of "foodies" proudly, although my dad certainly champions this concept. Whenever friends and family are taking a trip to somewhere we've been, my dad's the go-to guy for recommendations. I've taken on this role slightly as well by giving recommendations to non-local friends in the Philadelphia area.

Growing up in a family of foodies comes with a unique appreciation for food as not only sustenance but as a way of bringing people together. So, here are some of the characteristics that make foody families so unique:

1. Vacations aren't planned around the sights you see, but rather the restaurants you eat in.

Anytime anyone asks me where to eat, I'm flattered. Apparently, my reputation precedes me. Not only am I well-versed in Yelp when I don't know an area, but when I do know the area I always have favorites. When I am asked for recommendations, however, I have a tendency to go a little overboard and send far more than the circumstance warrants.

4. Your camera roll is filled with food pictures.

Birthdays. College acceptances. Reuniting with old friends. No matter the occasion, the best way to celebrate is with good food.

6. Meals are a form of stress-relief.

This picture was taken the day I finally decided where to go to college--a decision that had bee plaguing me for months. Nothing helped cure the stress of that decision better than a good meal.

7. Food brings your family together.

With crazy schedules to coordinate, meals are one of the times my family gets to get together and catch up on everything. Growing up, we always had family dinners almost every night (when schedules allowed), and we've continued this into college as often as we are able. Having a family who values food, we see it as a time to connect with one another.

Cover Image Credit: Emily Scheuring

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