10 Things I Love About My Semester In Ireland
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10 Things I Love About My Semester In Ireland

Some of my favorite things about my time in Ireland thus far.

10 Things I Love About My Semester In Ireland
Eliese Haerle

I'm so sorry about the lack of topic variety, but as you all know, when you study abroad it is basically the only thing you can talk about. The experience has been exhilarating, and I've learned so much and seen so many new things.

This week's article is my top 10 things that I have loved while being in Limerick, Ireland.

1. Friends I've made

Everyone meet (part of) Plassey Village House 8. It really is true: Those you study abroad with become some of your closest friends. I'm still trying to understand how exactly I'm going to survive without them after the end of this semester. I will miss Maggi's constant mention of her nut allergy, Kerrigan's workout expertise, Aurora's sweet messages of motivation, and the rest of the crazy crew. I've been going tthrough a really tough past couple od days so knowing anyone is willing to buy me a small pint of Ben and Jerry's for 7 euro is extremely appreciatve and super supportive. Shout out to House 8.

2. Not having to add tips (well, most of the time)

That's right: Since most things here already have a service fee, you don't need to add a tip to the bill. It just makes things faster when trying to leave after a meal. It also helps you cope with the fact everything in Europe is so expensive.

3. Food

Though I miss a number of food items back in the United States, Irish food does have its perks. For one, the potatoes! Love them, and I truly have a surplus. You physically can't go to Aldi to buy potatoes without buying a whole bag; they won't sell them individually. Also, the cheese aisles in these grocery stores are heaven on earth. I can find any type of cheese I want at a decently cheap price.

4. All the yarn

See this scarf? I made that with the help of Aldi yarn. The yarn here comes in huge balls because of the amount of wool they get from the countless sheep roaming around this country! With the same yarn ball, I was able to make three headbands and two scarves, and it only cost me about 5 euro.

5. Having an Aldi and Spar close by

(This picture features my favorite Bostonian, Maggi Kenney.) Having an Aldi only about 1.1 miles from my house on campus is so convenient. It makes getting groceries every week so easy, especially since I don't have a car to travel any farther. We also have a Spar right next to our village (it's like a CVS). I always get my chocolate from there when I run low on my supply.

6. The farm animals on my way to the grocery

This is one of the pictures from around the neighborhood here. I always see this one group of cows on my way to my weekly stop at the grocery store. It's always nice to see them grazing their fields and living their leisurely farm animal lives in Ireland.

7. No sales tax

This is the best! Whenever I'm looking at a menu at a restaurant or about to get some gifts from the several gift shop, I know exactly how much I'm going to be spending. There is no extra fee for the sales tax to add, and you're never surprised when you step up to the register.

8. The cute hats

I love these hats, and I"m pretty sure they're called paddy hats. I'm planning on getting one for myself even though the only people I've seen wearing these are Irish men over 50 years old.

9. Getting to travel

Another perk of studying abroad here at the University of Limerick: the ease of traveling. I've already gone to two other countries and will be traveling to Scotland and Hungary within this next month. All we have to do to get to the airport is take the Dublin Coach, and it drops you off right at the terminal.

10. Learning how to cook without a microwave

Yes, this is me and Brussels at my waffle workshop, not in my own kitchen back in Plassey Village. Despite this, I have been doing a lot of baking and cooking with the oven because we do not have a microwave. This has given me the opportunity to make an array of foods other than easy mac, and now I have a bunch of recipes to try out when I get back home!

* * *

Of course, this is just a small list, and I have so many more loves for Ireland and my study abroad trip thus far. To keep updated on my weekly adventures make sure to keep reading my articles!

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