Everyone who wears glasses knows the struggles, like the weird questions and the random annoyances that no one thinks about. But you put up with all of them because you’d rather deal with all of these than be blind.

1. When you try to open the oven and go blind

There’s nothing like trying to make food and opening the oven and having your glasses fog up and going blind. Or doing the dishes. Or going outside.

2. When you take them off and realize just how blind you really are.

Oh my god am I really this blind? I can’t even see the individual leaves on the trees. How did I live before getting glasses?

3. Looking up how much laser eye surgery costs.

Hahahahahahahah, $2,500 per eye? Hahahahah good joke.

4. When you're sweating and your glasses just won't stay up.

I cannot function when I need to push up my glasses every 0.2 seconds BECAUSE THEY JUST WILL NOT STAY.

5. "Can I try on your glasses?"

“Oh WOW, you’re so blind!” Yes, thank you for reminding me.


CONSTANT. SMUDGING. I’m certain that I will never have my glasses 100% clean.

7. "You look so smart with glasses."

Thank you, I guess?

8. When you get a new prescription and with it comes a headache.

The adjusting period is the absolute worst. You have a constant headache, but you know it’s necessary if you don’t want to be blind 24/7.

9. When you wear your glasses after a long period of time and the side of your head gets sore.

For this reason I prefer contacts over glasses any day. But some days you just can't get your contacts in, and you're stuck with glasses.

10. "Take off your glasses, how many fingers am I holding up?"