10 Things Your Boyfriend Wants This Valentine's Day
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10 Things Your Boyfriend Wants This Valentine's Day

Are you stressing for a last-minute gift? Look no further.

10 Things Your Boyfriend Wants This Valentine's Day

If you have ever found yourself typing into Google "What to give your boyfriend for Valentine's Day," you've probably come across some strange lists including jetting off on a romantic vacation, buying a useless gift or giving yet another bottle of cologne. While these options are nice if you can afford them, most guys are looking for simple tokens of appreciation on Valentine's Day. Here are 10 things your boyfriend truly wants this February 14th!

1. Candy

You know the candy your bae will gobble up in .5 seconds? Yea, definitely give him that. Sweet treats are a quick and easy gift no matter who you're giving it to. All types of chocolate are easily available in most stores and if your Valentine isn't the chocolate type, opt for their favorite candy!

2. Home made presents

Let's face it, we aren't all DIY gods, but if there is one thing that shows how much you care for someone, it's homemade items. Whether it is something as simple as a card or as elaborate as a scrapbook, the time and thought is what counts. Plus your boyfriend secretly loves cute things you make him.

3. Dinner

Who made dinner plans a guy's job anyway? Food is truly a gift that we can all bond over. Going out for a meal or cooking together means you get to spend part of your day with your boyfriend and enjoy a great meal.

4. Baked goods

You may have noticed food is a trend here. I personally love baking cupcakes or brownies for people on special occasions, and nobody ever resists home cooked treats!

5. A hobby-related item

Does your boyfriend take hours to respond because he's playing video games? It doesn't mean he's ignoring you. He just loves his game almost as much as you. If you have a little extra cash this Valentine's Day, consider getting your boyfriend a gift that relates to one of his hobbies, it shows you really do listen when he talks about things he loves to do.

6. A physical picture of you two

1-hour photo printing? Does that even exist anymore? Yes, yes it does. Most of our photos live on our phones or computers now, but there is something special about having a print out of your favorite pictures. Give your boyfriend a picture of the two of you to put on his desk or a cute wallet sized selfie that he can carry with him.

7. A heartfelt note

If you are like me and struggle to say lovey, mushy things in person, try writing them down. Nobody objects to compliments and hearing what makes them special, so write your boyfriend a nice note or get creative and put it into a poem.

8. A quick trip

You don't need to plan an international vacation across the world to travel. Doing something a little out of the ordinary can make Valentine's Day fun. Hop in your car or on the bus and look up somewhere close to go such as a beach or park.

9. Love

Those three words might seem scary, but it sure feels nice. Love is such an easy gift to give, and chances are you already have it! Express your love for your boyfriend in your own unique way, even if it's just saying "I love you" a few extra times throughout the day. He will surely appreciate your endearment.

10. Time

We live in a busy world and spending quality time with our significant other can be hard. I think most people would agree that getting to spend time with their special someone on Valentine's Day is the most important. So make some time for fun a fun outing or an evening of being lazy and enjoy each others company!

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