One of the best things your college can do for you is to give you a degree path that helps you figure out what classes to take and when in order to graduate on time. However, there are certain majors that suggest you take an online class. The reasons could be that you graduate on time because of it, you want to get ahead on credits, or that class may not be offered in person. Here are some moments all online classmates can relate to:

When you find out how much it costs

When our friends go out on a Friday night without you because you have a quiz to take the next morning

When your classmate posts something completely against your post

When you forget you only have a few hours to complete the homework you never did

When you realize you don’t have to take the class in person

That moment you realize you have a few credits done before the real semester starts

When you have no idea what the material is saying, so you just read what others post instead

When you check your grade and realize it would never be that high if you took the class in person

When you have no idea what to write on another person’s post

When you realize you’re one of the last people to comment on the discussion board

When the class is over after only five weeks of hell