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10 Super Affordable, Game-Changing Beauty Products That Glowed Up My Face In 2018

Now you, too, can look 0.5 percent hotter.

10 Super Affordable, Game-Changing Beauty Products That Glowed Up My Face In 2018

New year, new you, am I right? What better way to kick off 2019 than by spoiling yourself a little (in a very affordable way too)! To help you get started on your self-pampering, skincare/makeup journey, here's a list of my top 10 most beloved beauty finds from 2018.

(Note: Not all of these products are ones that were actually released in 2018, but they're all ones that I personally started using and loving in the past year.)

1. Peripera Milk Moist Lip Balm—$5.16

Definitely my most favorite winter lip product! It provides great moisture for your lips and gives them a sweet, but subtle tint: perfect for those who don't feel comfortable wearing super bold lipsticks but want a little hint of color on an every day basis!

2. Rosette Hello Kitty Apple Scrub—$.754

A student gave me this last year as a Christmas present that she bought when she was visiting Japan. It works great as a gentle everyday exfoliator. Packaging is super cute too!

3. Dewytree Lemon Brightening Focus Mask—$12.54

For sure one of my all time favorite sheet masks! I've noticed that it really helps reduce the intensity of my acne scarring.

4. AOA Wonder Blender - Black Teardrop—$1.55

If you haven't heard of yet then you better head your butt over there and check it out. For a $1 makeup sponge the quality of this is absolutely fantastic! It expands like crazy when it's wet, and gives off such a natural, flawless finish to your base makeup.

5. Peripera Ink Airy Velvet Lip Tint—$6.76

Another Peripera lip product, but this time, it's for those of you who want a little more color on your lips! Their Ink Airy Velvet Lip Tint line leaves you with a beautiful, long-lasting soft velvet finish. They're not super drying and don't settle into my lip lines (which is something that I often struggle with when finding a good lip tint), but I'd recommend smoothing on some chapstick over it especially in the winter time just in case.

6. AOA Essential 24-Piece Brush Set—$20

Alright, I know I've raved about studio makeup tools already, but I really feel the need to do it again because you simply just can NOT go wrong with $1 makeup brushes of this quality. Their hairs are so soft and shapes are so well sculpted. I wish they had more blending brushes for eyeshadows in this set, but otherwise, this brush set is absolutely amazing for a makeup rookie. No need to break the bank over expensive makeup brushes.

7. Colourpop: You Had Me At Hello Palette—$18

Literally the perfect brown eye shadow palette to suit your neutral eye needs. I've absolutely loved every Colourpop palette that I've tried so far, but this is the one that I tend to gravitate towards the most (probably because I'm personally not a huge fan of how most colors look on me).

8. Colourpop Boss Brow Gel—$6

Honestly, I'm so glad that I discovered brow gel because I'm pretty awful at filling in my brows with a pencil. I especially love how it enhances my brows by giving them a little more color and volume while still keeping them natural-looking. Brows are now probably the easiest part of my routine.

9. Batiste Dry Shampoo—$7.99

I'm so late on the dry shampoo trend, but this is basically what's holding my life together right now. When my hair feels gross, I feel gross.

10. Pond’s Correcting Cream Clarant B3 Dark Spot Normal to Dry Skin—$6.46

I got this for a gift from Secret Santa this Christmas, and I'm absolutely loving it! I've only been using it for about two weeks, but I can already notice my acne scars fading! This cream's recommended for people with normal to dry skin; while my skin's more only the oily side, I find that it works out just fine.

And there you have it! If you're a consumer looking to brighten your year with an affordable glow up, then I sincerely hope that this list was helpful for you! And if you're a cosmetic or skin care brand looking to see what's up, then please get me on that PR list because I love free things.

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