10 Summer Getaways For Couples
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10 Summer Getaways For Couples

Where's a better place to show some love to your "other" half?

10 Summer Getaways For Couples
Leckerman Law

Knowing that summer is coming is one thing to get you excited. Knowing that there's going to be time with your special someone makes it all the better. But you know what else would be good? Knowing where to go with your significant other.

After researching, perusing, and checking places out with my spouse, I've managed to compile a list of places for you to visit this summer, making this the ten best summer get-away:

1. Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania

Anywhere within the Poconos is usually a good place to start. It's local, there's so much to do. It can vary from quiet and peaceful to lively and fun. But Jim Thorpe is a town that some have compared to Switzerland in its own right with its beautiful views and ski slopes that are reminiscent of a getaway to another country. There's the Asa Packer Museum for the studious, and of course, horse stables for the animal lover, among a hundred other fun little things to do. And being just a few moments away from Pocono Mountain Paintball doesn't hurt either for the more competition loving couples.

2. Middleburg, Virginia

While not many people wouldthinkwine country can exist in Virginia, rest assured that you can satiate any grape-loving needs with the five epic vineyards in Middleburg. Not only that, but the perfect couples getaway for nature lovers is settled in this quiet little town in the form of Salamander Resort & Spa. Surrounded by bounds of forest, more than sufficient amounts of wine, and not too far from the country's capital, there's plenty of reason to take a peek at this resort for the summer to get away with your love.

3. Cape May, New Jersey

As a New Jersey native, there's nothing I love more than taking my family down to the shore for a weekend. But when my better half and I need some alone time, Cape May is a more ideal destination whereas Wildwood is a place we would go with our kids. Cape May is serene, between the lighthouse, Morey's Pier down the way, the Zoo, and it still offers you all the great things a summer shore destination should while giving you a calmer surrounding than those of its sister shore spots such as Point Pleasant or Seaside Heights. A fist pump worthy way to spend the weekend, for sure.

4. Smith Island, Maryland

If you've been to Ocean City, Maryland, then you know that summertime is dedicated to the tourists. As wonderful as it is to visit, why not go someplace a little quieter. For the seafood lovers, the Crab Co-Op would be the first place to start. Fishermen catch these delicious crustaceans on the wharf daily. Paying a small fee gets you in to get a taste of the fresh catches and a look at the exact little critter you want on your dinner plate later that night. Get yourself some Smith Island Cake shortly after (a delicious cake made up of thin layers of cake and frosting), and end your night with a walk to Maryland's cultural center where you'll learn all about how these hardy people learned to survive the ever-changing land of the island.

5. Skaneateles (Finger Lakes), New York

Now for all you New York lovers who have experienced the beauty of the city or maybe the wild side of Buffalo, how about exploring your more nature enthused side? The Finger Lakes of New York are the most unspoken of and beautiful destinations in the state, Skaneateles being one of the top stops (and one of the most unpronounceable and hardest to spell towns of the bunch). Skaneateles is home to some of the best New York wineries, an art gallery, some strawberry fields of the non-psychedelic type, as well as a million and one beautiful views naturally made to take your breath away.

6. Duck, North Carolina

For those of you who have been to the Outer Banks, Kill Devil Hills is one of the first places that comes to mind, or maybe Kitty Hawk for those of you more history oriented. And these are just some of the places you can adventure to while staying in the quiet town of Duck. Now Duck, in of itself, has a lot of history, culture, and quiet to offer (much like the rest of OBX), but it also is one of the lesser visited places visited amongits fellow cities along the strip. And, if you haven't heard,Ducks Donuts is a reason to go all on its own, as well as the best way to start off your day. So if you're an OBX fan, but haven't made your way to this quiet little town, make sure to add it to your summer list.

7. Newport, Rhode Island

Aside from being featured in an episode of Family Guy (which was honestly the only time I had ever heard of Newport), those who know this town are aware of its reputation— literally made of money. Newport boasts about its sleuth of beautiful mansions, even having a whole page dedicated to it on its tourism website. But that's not all this wonderful slice of RI is dedicated to. It's also home to seven spas, some of which claim to be the best and will brag all about their client lists to prove it. Follow that up with a tour and some ridiculous guides in some old-time hats, and you'll find yourself feeling like you've begun living the lifestyles of the rich and famous. Don't forget to hit up some of the Vineyards along the coast. Nothing says fancy like a good bottle of champagne.

8. Landrum, South Carolina

If you're all about scenic views, prime picture taking opportunities, and some epic food, look no further on this little summer bucket list. Landrum is home to a bunch of beautiful views, prime picnics, and some of the best photo-shooting spots in the state. Not to mention being home to Campbell's Covered Bridge, one of the very last covered bridges in the state, there are more historic sites like Landrum's train depot. And if you're feeling like you're really trying to get the South Carolina experience, don't forget to make a pit stop at the Southside Smoke Grille for some of the most authentic barbecue that Landrum has to offer. Nothing screams "I love you" like wiping all that sauce off each other's faces.

9. Logan, Ohio

With six major trails in its state park, the pet-friendly Inn Spa at Cedar Falls , as well as some eclectic sights like the forgotten Round House or Paul A. Johnson's Pencil Sharpener Museum, the area surrounding Logan offers a little bit of something for everyone. The state park offers beautiful scenery all the while giving hikers something to talk about back home. There's the Hocking Hills Winery which has a reputation of its own, tanked one of the top things to do while visiting Logan, and finally who can pass up visiting Hocking Hills Moonshine? While it's one of those "bring home, try later" things, feel free to give it a go there. But don't be surprised if you lose a scene or two from your brain in the meanwhile.

10. Mystic, Connecticut

Last but not least, rejoice Vampire Diaries fan, because Mystic has made it to the top ten and for good reason. I mean, Humphrey Bogart retreated here after getting married to Lauren Bacall for a reason. Full of things to admire, such as the extravagant Mystic Seaport,museum of the land and see, or places such as the Dark Room Theatre, the name "Mystic" seems to become fitting for the little waterfront retreat with all it's little wonders. Between the beautiful hotels, the wonderful food, all the places and things to see, Mystic is the best place for a quiet romantic weekend with your spouse. Sunsets on the dock, open views, and limitless beauty, Mystic should most definitely be on your summer bucket list.

Now I know most of these places seem like they're almost too far out of reach, maybe unaffordable, but the truth is all of these places are within grasp and have commodities for even the most broke of visitors. Besides, what's the summer without a little adventure with the one you love?

All of these places have something that ignites wonder and awe, leaving you with plenty to fall in love all over again while you explore together.

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