Being a waitress can be a tricky job, and I believe it takes a certain type of person to handle the stress. I love my job. Like, I genuinely enjoy being a waitress, running around like a crazy woman, and talking to all sorts of people that walk through those doors. Generally work puts me in a great mood, even on bad days, but there some things that drive me absolutely nuts.

1. When every customer asks "What beers do you have on draft?" and having to constantly reference the same list and name the 10+ options of beer... over and over again.

2. Constantly having to make children chocolate milk as if four cups isn't enough.

3. The 12-top that comes in, stays all night, then decides last minute they all want separate checks and they need the bill immediately, then get mad when it takes longer than 30 seconds to separate the $250+ tab.

4. Customers that clap/whistle for your attention.

I'm a human, sir, and yes I will grab you another beer.

5. When you're about to clock out and a table walks in.

6. Customers who don't understand how to appropriately tip.

Thank you for the $4 on your $55 meal, fam.

7. The little piece of your heart that breaks when you think about how much money you would have if you didn't have to tip out the bartender.

8. When the table is furious about the food coming out "late" after they insisted they want to take their time eating out and relax.

Ma'am, you ordered an appetizer, waited 35 minutes, then placed your food order... it's going to be minute.

9. The customer at a table that wants to explain their entire life story to you while there are five other tables that still need to be greeted.

10. Getting blamed for food not looking/tasting good even though we all know I didn't prepare the food.