10 Songs That Are Just As Romantic As Ed Sheeran’s 'Perfect'
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10 Songs That Are Just As Romantic As Ed Sheeran’s 'Perfect'

These ten love songs are just perfect as "Perfect".

10 Songs That Are Just As Romantic As Ed Sheeran’s 'Perfect'
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Ed Sheeran is known for delivering the most soulful and endearing love songs of this generation and his latest song "Perfect" is no different. The music video currently has five million likes on YouTube and it's the perfect song for lovers, but there are so many other songs that are just as lovely and meaningful as "Perfect". Here are ten of them.

1. Beautiful - Huntar

Much like Ed Sheeran's song "Perfect", "Beautiful" by Huntar is about convincing someone of their beauty despite them not believing it. The song is about overlooking the clouds and the rain and focusing on the inner beauty and perfection that one possesses. It's about looking past the bad days and focusing only on the good. Huntar's voice is both gentle and rough, which really helps to get the message across, and while "Perfect" has a lovely guitar strumming along, "Beautiful" is accompanied with a gentle piano playing in the background.

2. Wild Love - James Bay

James Bay became famous after debuting his hit single "Let It Go", a song about ending a relationship and just letting go of everything they once had. All the other songs I've ever heard from him have been sad ones. This is the first happy love song I've heard from Bay and it's absolutely beautiful. After a two year hiatus and chopping off his lovely locks, James Bay is back with "Wild Love", which starts off with an Indian instrumental that I just can't stop listening to and has this awesome guitar solo in the middle. James Bay is a total bae in this music video where he literally just stares into your eyes and sings about giving you some wild love.

3. And If My Heart Should Somehow Stop - James Vincent McMorrow

I first heard this song in the pilot episode of "Teen Wolf" and I was completely enthralled by it. James Vince McMorrow's soothing, country voice will make anyone swoon. This is a total crushworthy song about meeting someone and instantly knowing that they're the one for you. It's perfect for slow dancing with your beau or even just falling asleep in their arms.

4. Nada - Prince Royce

They say that love has no language and that it can cross any language barrier. Prince Royce's song "Nada" is the perfect example of that. The whole song is in Spanish, but it sounds so lovely. There's a guitar solo near the end that'll have you and your beau twirling around on the dancefloor.

5. When You Got A Good Thing - Lady Antebellum

Those who say that all country music is about beer and men mistreating women clearly haven't been hearing the right songs. Lady Antebellum is a country band that came out with the hit single "Need You Now" that captured all of our hearts in 2010. A song that doesn't get as much love from that same album is "When You Got A Good Thing".

6. What I Never Knew I Always Wanted - Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood rose to fame after she won the fourth season of American Idol. She always delivers awesome hits and she's usually one of the very few country singers that can sway a person's mind about country music. In the song "What I Never Knew I Always Wanted", Carrie sings about finding someone she knew never she wanted or desired. It's about loving when you least expect it. And the music video will have you in tears as she displays a montage of her along with her husband of eight years and her son.

7. I Dream About You - Simple Plan ft. Juliet Simms

Both Simple Plan and Juliett Sims, the singer of the band Automatic Loveletter, are known for singing songs mainly about the issues surrounding teenage angst and growing up with no one understanding your pain. They were both part of those "emo bands" you all listened to when you were young, and while Automatic Loveletter is no longer together, Juliet Simms still lends her voice to songs once and a while. In "I Dream About You", Simple Plan and Juliet Simms sing about love and how strongly they feel towards it. Despite others thinking they're fools for thinking that way, they can't stop dreaming about each other and believing in their love.

8. When The Right One Comes Along - Striking Matches

Striking Matches is a not too popular or mainstream band with some really awesome songs. They're one of those underground hits that you never know exist until you accidentally stumble upon them. This is the first song I've ever heard from this band back when I was a young high-schooler, but they were a band worth remembering. The duo's music has been described as having found that "that sweet spot at the intersection of country, rock, and blues" and they're often regarded as a "countrified Civil Wars/Black Keys mix". "When The Right One Comes Along" is both a sad and sweet mix, and I swear Sarah Zimmermann just knows all the right notes to hit to have me crooning along with her. And while Justin Davis 's isn't heard too often in this version, his guitar playing will make you want to rock along with the soothing beat.

9. The Hard Stuff - Justin Timberlake

JT brought us all to tears in 2013 with his lovely song and even lovelier music video for "Mirrors" inspired by his grandparents' relationship, and now he's back in 2018 with "The Hard Stuff" from his new album, Man of the Woods. It's a song about wanting the complicated and messy baggage that everyone comes with instead of just having that picture perfect, clear-cut love story. JT sings about wanting both the sunny days and the rainy ones, meaning the good days and the bad. Everyone wants the best times, but JT explains that hard times make you stronger and makes the relationship that much more meaningful. Being the fifteenth song of the sixteen song album, it might get lost and forgotten soon after the release of the other songs, but for now it's my favorite of the album and I think it's as beautiful and passionate as "MIrrors".

10. Crystal Snow - BTS

Being as obsessed with BTS as I am now at this point, I simply can't just make a list of the best songs without including them. BTS is the Korean group that captured all our hearts at the end of last year with their looks and amazing songs and music videos. This is a less known song by BTS and is actually sung in Japanese (yes, the members can speak/sing in more than one language. As they have fans all over the globe, they often release Japanese versions of their Korean hit songs). While there is no visually pleasing music video for this song, "Crystal Snow" has a lovely feel to it that will have you shutting your eyes and imagining your own love-filled scenes. It's the perfect song for snuggling during the winter time and compares a girl to a snowflake. The members sing about trying to catch a glimpse and spend enough time before the snow melts away. They also wish they could be one of the snowflakes so they could float in the air together. You don't need a translation to understand the beauty behind this song.

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