10... Weird... Facts... About... ... Sloths
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10... Weird... Facts... About... ... Sloths

Sloths are cute little animals!

10... Weird... Facts... About... ... Sloths

When going to the zoo we all have an animal we want to see. Some its the elephant, giraffes, lions, or monkeys! The red butt monkeys. But the animal I look forward to most when I go to the zoo are the sloths. Yes, you read that right. I said sloths. Most people I talk to do not understand why I have such a huge passion and love for sloths. So with that being said, here are a few facts about sloths that make them interesting animals besides how slow they are.

1. They are excellent swimmers

Yes. Sloths can swim. They can do backstrokes with ease. It is pretty impressive for them being a "slow animal." Don't believe me? Look up some videos, then let me know if you still do not believe it.

2. There two types of sloths

One type is the two-toed sloth they are a bit bigger than the three-toed sloths. The other type is the three-toed sloth. Sloths do not use their claws too much. Typically only to protect themselves from predators.

3. Females can only care for one offspring

It is said that female sloths only give birth to one offspring per year.

4. Using the bathroom

Sloths only leave the trees once a week to urinate or defecate. With this, they also do this in the same spot and same time due to predators.

5. Sloths DO NOT sleep all day

I know it may seem like they sleep all the time, but in fact they typically sleep about 10 hours a day.

6. Sloth predators

Sloths main predators are eagles, snakes, and jaguars.

7. Death

If a sloth passes away, they can maintain their grips in the trees.

8. Lifetime

Sloths can live up to 40 years.

9. Sloths stay to themselves

The only time sloths come together with others is to mate. Otherwise, you will see them hanging out with themselves.

10. They grow algae on their backs

The algae that grows on their backs are a greenish color, which helps them camouflage to their surroundings.

these are just a few interesting facts about sloths. I hope this changes your mind on how sloths are cute and interesting animals. Not just because they are "slow," even though they were awarded the title of "slowest animal on earth."

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