10 Signs You're From Northern Virginia

1. You hate I-395 and I-495 traffic.

Literally your worst nightmare.

2. Same goes for I-66 and I-95.

You can kiss getting to school or work on time goodbye.

3. You have survived the holiday season at Potomac Mills Mall.

Let's be real, parking is a nightmare.

4. Shoppers Grocery.

This grocery store is the real MVP for fresh doughnuts.

5. You've ignored the question "Where are you from?" and answer "Northern Virginia" instead.

It's annoying to explain if one has never been to Northern Virginia.

6. People think everyone from Northern Virginia lives in a mansion.

Not all of us live in big houses.

7. You've always wondered what happens past Stafford County.

No one will ever know. It's like that part of Virginia is a foreign country to us.

8. You most likely have a friend who says "YA'LL" who's not even southern.

But, really y'all?

9. Your graduating class in high school was over 500 people and most likely held at George Mason University or your high school.

And trust me, not everyone shows up at graduation and it's still tightly packed.

10. But Most of all, people don't always understand when you say NOVA.

Need I say more?

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