If I've learned anything from living in Massachusetts my whole life, its that no one loves their city more than we do. So here are some tell tale signs you know you're from Mass.

1. Dunkin' Donuts is your saving grace when anything is going wrong

Its Dunks, not Dunkin Donuts, and its everywhere...iced coffee all day everyday.

2. The weather changes more than your girlfriend changes her outfit

On Monday it can be 60 degrees, then on Tuesday its 26 degrees and snowing. In the morning on Wednesday its 45 degrees and pouring rain, then by noon its 75 and sunny. Welcome to Massachusetts

3. Only people from Massachusetts can cross 4 lanes on the highway in under 5 seconds flawlessly, and without using a "blinkha"

Because why would anyone use a blinker...they're for wimps

4. You take pride in being called a "masshole"

This is probably the furthest thing from an insult you can get, we love Mass, who cares what anyone else thinks.

5. Your sundays are dedicated to watching the Patriots.

Rodger that!

6. You know when you see this thing, youre home

7. You know how to pronounce Worcester, Gloucester, Haverhill, Scituate etc...

There's really nothing else to say about this. You can tell if someones not from Mass if they pronounce those wrong.

8. Your daily commute consists of driving over pothole over pothole.

Or trying to avoid them and then swerving all over the road, because why would the roads be smooth?!

9. People say you talk funny, or say they cant understand you.

But when you're talking to anyone from Mass, you can understand them perfectly because we aren't talking funny!

10. No one parks their car in Harvard yard

That's just not a thing.